Determining Your Perfect Position Essay

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Determining Your Perfect Position
Desmond Douglas
University of Phoenix Online
April 27, 2010
Instructor Panizo

Determining Your Perfect Position

A managers leadership style influences his or her effectiveness in the workplace because workers expect guidance. A team depends on the leader to dictate or control the situation. In my current position as a Sales Manager for Verizon Fios, my subordinates are definitely responsive to my participative leadership style.

“Most definitions of leadership reflect the assumption that it involves a process whereby intentional influence is exerted by one person over other people to guide, ...view middle of the document...

Coming from a sales associate and sales manager position, I have been a part of the sales process from all levels.

“Participative leadership is concerned with power sharing and empowerment of the followers, but it is firmly rooted in the tradition of behavior research as well” (Yuki, 2006). The strengths of using this type of method is earning the employees trust and can receive the feedback that upper level management needs to place the product strategically. Empowering a subordinate could also be detrimental to the company if that employee begins to take the management position for granted.
Coming from a sales associate position, which many consider the frontlines of Verizon Fios, I can relate to many levels of the business. What makes me an effective leader is that I understand what it is like to deal with customers. I also appreciate my subordinates more than a manager who doesn’t have my type of work experience. Gaining respect from subordinates comes from a leader displaying knowledge of the industry, their professionalism and ability to teach subordinates successful ways to attain personal and company goals, and earning trust from subordinates that rewards come with the employee’s efforts.

Some managers take subordinate appreciation for granted. I prefer to use participative leadership theory than authoritative leadership theories simply because it’s necessary to include feedback from the employees into the company’s operations. When an employee believes his or her opinions and remarks have value, and upper level management actually implements these suggestions, it empowers an employee. Work performance is more efficient and morale increases in the workplace when the workers make their own decisions based on the situations they face.

Considering a good leader takes many factors. Education, practice, and trial and error are all leadership styles that develop over time.  Some believe that a leader is born, although others disagree. In both cases, a leader must still develop his or her style through dedication and determination to be effective. To compare and contrast leadership theories entails recognizing and choosing a method.

Supportive leadership:

Giving consideration to the needs of subordinates, displaying concern for their welfare, and creating a friendly climate in the work unit.

Directive leadership:

Letting subordinates know what they are expected to do, giving specific guidance, asking subordinates to follow rules and procedures, and scheduling and coordinating the work.

Participative leadership:

Consulting with subordinates and taking their opinions and suggestions into account.

Achievement-oriented leadership:

Setting challenging goals, seeking performance improvements, emphasizing excellence in performance, and showing confidence that subordinates will attain high standards.

“According to path-goal theory, the effect of leader...

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