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Determining The Causes And Effects Of Water Pollution In Lake Huron

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Bertie Barfield

Determining the Causes and Effects of Water Pollution in Lake Huron

The Great Lakes, Lake Erie, Michigan, Huron, Superior, and Ontario, are our largest freshwater system. Lake Huron, like the other Great Lakes contain many species of wildlife, and is in danger of being polluted. This pollution is harmful to fish, wildlife stocks, and to the humans of this region. At the University of Mississippi, Latham, A., Wright, E., & Tsang, A. [n.d.] produced a study that focused specifically on Pollution's Effects on the Great Lakes Ecosystem. Determining the causes and effects of water pollution in Lake Huron may facilitate new ideas and solutions for cleaning ...view middle of the document...

Regardless of the source, the water quality of Lake Huron can affect wildlife, as well as humans. Pollutants will inevitably find their way into the food chain and cause illness or death.
According to (Liu et al, 2006, as cited by Pollution's Effects on the Great Lakes Ecosystem) …”studies have shown that two kinds of bacteria (enterococcus and E. coli), which are indicators of human fecal matter, were present in 20% of the samples taken from Lake Michigan beaches in 2004. Whereas, Shear, 2006, as cited by Pollution's Effects on the Great Lakes Ecosystem) states that, “If ingested by humans, these bacteria could cause such illnesses as extreme as typhoid fever.” In Liu’s opinion as cited by (Pollution's Effects on the Great Lakes Ecosystem) “Infections, gastrointestinal diseases, and parasites are other possible risks from coming into contact with these bacteria….” As a result of fecal matter pollution that has been plaguing beaches on the Great Lakes, there was a 32% increase in the number of Great Lakes beach closings and advisories in 2003 (Liu et al 2006).
Figure 2: Concentration of Four Pollutants in Trout from Lake Huron

In addition to the adverse affects of Lake Huron water pollution on humans, there is also economic affects to be considered. For instance, the Obama administration has come up with a five-year plan to repair damaged Lakes from toxic contamination and declining wildlife habitats, and will costs $2.2 billion. President Obama pledged $5 billion to be spread out over a decade for this task. The first installment was approved by Congress last year in the amount of $475 million a year until 2014. Also included in this plan is “A strategy for monitoring the ecosystem’s health and holding federal agencies accountable for carrying out the plan” (New York Times 2010). Additionally, the … “plan sets out ecological goals and specific actions to be taken by 16 federal agencies working with...

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