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Determining Hris Needs Essay

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Assignment #2 – Determining HRIS Needs
Veunanthe Dorlouis
January 29, 2012
Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) - HRM 520
Dr. Zelphia A. Brown, SPHR, Instructor

Assignment #2 – Determining HRIS Needs
1. Assess the types of changes and new developments in technology and government regulations that should be considered in long-range planning requirements for updating or replacing an HRIS. One can argue that the primary purpose of any HRIS must be to promote superior use of data to motivate effective decision-making for addressing daily challenges and definitely impacting HR procedures and practice. However, the way technology is vastly progressing; many organizations are forced ...view middle of the document...

This general assessment ought to consider not only existing electronic HR information systems, but also paper-based systems, data collection forms and processes for gathering data about new technology and government regulations (Kavanagh, Thite, and Johnson, 2012). The assessment should also provide a comprehensive picture of how HR information is presently collected, managed, and reported. Plus, the planners must consider the tools and processes that are in place for managing HR data and the gaps that needs to be addressed to meet the most demanding needs of the organization.
2. Identify three (3) disadvantages (other than time) of using interviews and focus groups for data collection during the analysis phase when determining HRIS needs. Recommend three (3) approaches to overcome the disadvantages. Creswell (2002) argued that even though it may be easy to accept the idea of ‘incorporating communicative preferences’ into a research project, offering various participation selections places extra demands on the researcher. More often, the interviews and focus groups force researchers to pay better attention to successive invitations to participants, reflecting on the reasons why they ended up speaking with these particular persons. Therefore, it might be pre-mature to imply that the disadvantages of interviews and focus groups can be related to the potential constraints that a group setting can place on individual’s responses. Subsequently, the three disadvantages of using interviews and focus groups for data collection during the analysis phase when determining HRIS needs might the fact that: (1) it can be difficult to set up, (2) the participants may need to be paid, (3) it can be difficult to compare and analyze information gathered.
However, there are many ways to overcome the disadvantages mentioned above. First, since it is hard perhaps to set up the interviews and focus groups, Kavanagh, Tithe, and Johnson (2009), suggested that the interviewer should be careful in the selections of the interviewees. Meanwhile, since the focus groups involve more participants, it is also very important to be precise in the selection process because the responses provide by the focus groups are often free-ranging. Next, although some participants might require some form of payment, the researcher can plan ahead not to select such participants unless the organization have a budget plan set aside for that purpose. Another possibility is that the interviewer should perhaps develops a relationship with the participants, to ensure that there is no misunderstanding when it comes to what the requirements and demands are for participating in the research. Last, because of the amount of information gathered from the interviews and focus groups, there should be some forms of media device in place to record the meetings, so that the data collected can be accurate. Also, it is a good idea to record the meetings to check the information later because there is a...

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