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Determing Effective Orientation And Training Methods

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Determining Effective Orientation and Training Methods
Anita Bingham

Day 1
Hi I am the training supervisor, and I will be doing your orientation and training you. I will be training you as a sales clerk. This will be a 3 day orientation, we will be covering our specific topics and the techniques that will be used.
First we will be going over our objectives and philosophy of the organization. A customer relation is your top priority as a sales clerk is pleasing customers. Sales clerks make every effort to satisfy the customer within the bounds of company policy. Handling money is where the sale’s clerk usually takes’s payment for goods and services, so they ...view middle of the document...

We are a large local retail company. This company has seven department stores in our city. We are one of the most popular department stores. We started off as a small little department store and moved our way up to as big as we are now.
We don’t expect much from our employees. We love for them to have a positive attitude. They need to be reliable, meaning being at work on time. They need to come to work energized ready to work and to complete your task. You need to understand your job duties and the task objectives. They need to be well groomed with their full uniform on and clean with their name tag on.
Your job functions as a sales clerk are. Complete transaction, handling money, making change, render receipts and counting and documenting. There are also merchandising, sales promotion, shelf stocking and to help customers locate merchandise. The sales clerk’s responsibilities are cleaning your work area, keeping your work area stocked, help keep the isles clean and stock shelves.
I will be taking you around the store to introduce you to the departments. Then you will be meeting the former co-workers. The former co- workers will show you what they do and explain the methods they use. Then I will show you how our registers work.
Day 2
The rules are very easy to go by. There will be no piercings that show other then the ears and girls only with that. No showing of tattoos, no taking merchandise from the store, no breaks unless it is your time, no food or drinks in your work area, no chewing gum on the floor. These are very simple rules to go by so please don’t break them. There are some regulations which are all employees get a 30 min break, they also get two 10 min breaks, all employees have to go by the dress code and all employees have to go by the rules. Polices are the attendance we would like you to be 5 mins early and to be at your work station and ready to work by the time the shift starts. Remaining at your work station till the end of your shift time, taking breaks only when scheduled, and staying your whole shift. We are a drug free company there will be giving random drug test. Smoking only smoke during your scheduled breaks.
There are a couple reasons why we are hiring our new employees. Our service has been very slow and we thought if we hired some more employees then the service can get speeded up. Also the holidays are coming up and we will need more employees to help work the holidays.
We will be going out on the floor today. I will put you in groups of two and you will work with another co-worker. The other co-worker will train you on how to run the cash register. Then I will move you to another co-worker and they will train you on their department. That will get you use to all the departments in the store.

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