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Determination Essay

1193 words - 5 pages

Miffy Riley
AP English
Mrs. Gazso
October 24 2014
Your Life: To Be Determined
What makes someone a "force of nature"- focused, successful, and essentially
unstoppable? The answer is determination, a powerful force that drives mankind toward their
dreams and goals without end. Determination is fueled by fire, motivation, and desire.
Determination is standing up strong after being thrown down, strengthening yourself to endure
any force, and changing the world with everyday courage. The journey of determination
transforms elusive thoughts into tangible success. Without determination nothing is possible.
With it, impossible is nothing.
Determination's multifaceted nature can be analyzed in ...view middle of the document...

Motivation and drive are not enough to remain determined for long however; that
requires a constant journey of consistency, sacrifice, and true grit. This is the everyday grind-
the early morning alarm for a 5:00 AM practice, the time at the gym after a long day, and the
nights spent studying that turn into early mornings. Van Gogh endured starvation to follow his
passion of painting, ultimately creating 2000 masterpieces by pouring his heart and soul day and
night into each one. Understanding that you are not perfect, you apply yourself, challenge
yourself, exhaust yourself, and refuse any obstacle that comes between you and your goal. By
wanting something more than you want to breathe, by dedicating yourself and enduring the pain
for ultimate causes you believe in, you sacrifice what you are now for what you are to become.
Nothing worth having comes easy; the meaningful comes only after facing difficulties
and failure, for the greatest glory is falling down only to get back up. Determination is facing
these failures head on; it is falling down but not fearing the fall because you know that you will
rise again only with more strength and power than before. This part of determination involves
broken bones, failing scores, and heartbreaking responses that completely wipe away the built up
strength of the determined and invincible. True determination is Bethany Hamilton, the soul
surfer, choosing to get back into the water after a near lethal shark attack. It is Thomas Edison
failing 5000 times before he successfully completed the very first light bulb. It is Martin Luther
King's house burned to the ground and his strength in rising up every time against an unwilling
society in order to change it for the better. Many abandon their goals and chose to merely live,
but the determined fight back and chose to remain alive only to move closer towards their
ultimate goal.
The final piece of determination is success. You have driven yourself to bring on changes
that you would never know...

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