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Detecting Media Bias Essay

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How to Detect Media Bias and Propaganda
HUM 111
May 27, 2012
How to Detect Media Bias and Propaganda
News report, our United States President, Obama, is running his campaign based on negative statements against his opponent Romney for the 2012 presidential campaigns. Republican consultant Dave Carney says, “its hyperbole every election to say, ‘This is the most negative election ever’. It is brought up that Romney as well has run hostile ads as well as stating that Obama serving a 2nd term would do serious harm to the economy and individual freedom. (Greenblatt, 2012) Here are some tough questions with answers that may help give an example on how to detect media bias and propaganda.
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Fourthly, find new uses for existing things. Taking those already derogatory ads and recycle them.
Fifthly, improve things. Nothing in human inventions are perfect, so here is a chance to make things better. Take the new non-derogatory ads; zoom into the body language and the facial expressions of the opponents. Body language and facial expressions show truth within a person.
Finally, invent or redefine a concept. “We tend to regard the many concepts that help us think and deal with reality as fixed and eternal. Yet that is not so. Concepts are invented, just as products and services are.” (Ruggiero, 2012) Take our above ideas and redefine how campaigns should look, how opponents should research, and create their own ideas to help our country improve. People do not want to hear a bunch of non-sense and lies when it concerns us. We want to hear truth, and their plans on making something happen that will benefit the United States of America.
How might you use the strategies for promoting curiosity in addressing this topic? Why do you think these strategies might be effective? When promoting curiosity all that is necessary to do is lose your pride, lose your assumptions, ask questions, research and find answers, and narrow your focus. If your curious if it will work or not, try it. What do we have to lose? Usually, to generate an audience to promote curiosity, it takes some reeling in by becoming a critical consumer. Create realities of what and how thing affect them, our audience. Beginning how things work now and then reeling the audience in with the result of how things will work if this idea is implemented. Be daring, be willing to face unpleasant experiences and learn from them. Be resourceful, act effectively, and conceptualize the approach that solves the problem—even when the problem stymies others and the resources at hand are meager.” (Ruggiero, 2012, p.98) All strategies are effective, whether they are bad or good. We either learn from them, or we make them better because nothing is perfect. Spiking the curiosity of people needs assistance, and to pull life’s into the media to show the difference in now and later.
How might you use the various methods for producing ideas to eliminate the bias from the original article and still present a factual...

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