Detailed Work Plan Essay

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Developing the Detailed Work Plan

Detailed work plan
- serves as the blueprint for the execution of the engagement
- means by which the consultant can monitor project progress

Elements/Components of the Detailed Engagement Work Plan
1. Task identification and description
2. Task relationship
3. Estimating the work effort and completion time
4. Scheduling tasks
5. Determining review point
6. Staffing the project
7. Project costing
8. Detailed work plan review

Task identification and description
- Identifying each activity required to accomplish both intermediate and end work results
- Sources of task suggestions:
o Project plans from earlier engagement
o Use of standard task list
o Suggestions from other professional associates and from client staff
- Each activity should be clearly stated and described

Task relationships
PERT, Gantt chart, bubble charts

Estimating the work effort and completion ...view middle of the document...

Assign team members a realistic number of hours each day. Eight hours is the recommended maximum.
2. Plan ahead for weekends, holidays and scheduled vacations so that the staff availability will be realistic.
3. Match the skill levels required to complete a task with the appropriate team member.
4. Build in the realistic delay factors.
5. Build in time factors for any unusual elements of the project.
6. Try to limit the number of persons who work on one task in order to simplify the work and avoid extra time spent in coordination which can be a real time-waster.
7. Schedule time for such administrative tasks as progress meetings and for project management tasks.
Determining review points
Review meeting should be held regularly.
Staffing the project
- Develop a tentative schedule of needed staff members before any one person’s work can be assessed
- Project management is the critical element in the success of the engagement.
- Choice of project staff may be limited to available members, or it may include options such as
1. Hiring new staff
2. Subcontracting portions of the work
3. Using a specialized consultant
4. Delaying the engagement until additional persons are available
5. Using members of the client’s staff as team members

Project costing
Develop a detailed cost estimate of the engagement.
Project personnel costs + Project expenses

Detailed work plan review
The work plan becomes the consultant’s means of explaining to the client how the project results will be accomplished.
The consultant should be able to present alternative strategies for continuing the engagement on a modified basis. These modifications may involve
(a) Reduction in the scope and objectives
(b) Increasing in staff availability by adding members of the client’s staff to the project team
(c) Breaking up the project into several sub-engagements
(d) Deferring some of the work until a later time

The work plan review should conclude with a firm agreement on the
(1) Detailed plan
(2) Consent to continue funding of the engagement
(3) Commitment on the client responsibilities, and
(4) Permission to begin executing the plan

Management Consultancy Principles & Engagements by Cabrera

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