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Detailed Information On Solar Energy In Essay Form

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IntroductionThe sun is the source of all life on earth.Thanks to the sun, there is light, warmth and food on the earth. Many kinds of energy on earth originate from and through solar radiation.Since the sun doesn't have the same strength at all places and all times, the earth is warmed up unequally. This causes wind which can be converted into electricity by means of wind turbines.By evaporation we get precipitation which is carried downstream by rivers. The current of this water can provide the energy needed to generate electricity in a hydro-electric power station.Also fossil fuels, such as coal, brown coal, oil and natural gas have their beginnings in the sun's energy, the energy that was ...view middle of the document...

·Heat from sunlight , thermic solar energyWhen the sun shines through the windows, we get free warmth into our house and the stove or heater doesn't have to heat that much.Another example is the solar boiler. Here we use a towards the sun directed solar collector: a black panel in which water circulates. The sun heats the water after which it is stored in a storage tank. Then the water may, whether or not warmed up, be used as hot water in the kitchen or the bathroom.·Electricity from sunlight, photovoltaic solar energyIn our school, we mainly use the photovoltaic system which converts the sunlight directly into electricity by means of solar cells: photovoltaic solar energy or PV (photovoltaic conversion).At first PV was mainly used in space travel. Now PV is going through quite a fast evolution. Everyone knows the calculators in which the batteries are replaced with solar cells.There are other applications. Panels with solar cells provide light buoys and emergency telephones with electrical energy. Such appliances are already much bigger than calculators but the consumption of energy is still small.This is the main feature of present-day applications of photovoltaic solar energy: a small energy consumption at places not connected with the public electricity grid.Applications:·In Belgium photovoltaic energy is mainly used at far-off places, e.g. to light summer houses, to drive water pumps in grazing lands and to provide communication and marking and signposting systems with electric current.·In developing countries, we have a different situation. There, expansion of the grid towards the countryside is mostly too expensive. Solar energy can relatively cheaply provide energy for lighting, telecommunication, refrigeration (e.g. of medicine), water supply.Solar energy at school:At school, solar energy is introduced as a subject of the integrated test for thesixth form of the electricity/electronics department.The aim is to familiarize the pupils with solar energy because they are the ones who are going to be confronted with the applications on a smaller scale (the range of smaller capacities), and perhaps, later on , also with applications in larger units.For this purpose, a mains-connected PV-system of approximately 1100 W maximum capacity and an independent PV-system with battery energy storage are at the disposal of the pupils.Here with you find the working method used during the school year. However, it is not obligatory and subject to alterations.1st term1.Gathering of material on non-tradional forms of energy, with specialattention for PV-systems2.Making a summary of a number of chapters from the reference book "Solar Energy and its Applications". The chapters are, amongst others, about: Renewable energy; Sunlight, its features and dependability; PV-systems and applications.Within the summary, cross-references are to be made to the gathered material.All this has to be assembled in a first dossier, made up according...

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