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Destructors Essay

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The Destructors, by Graham Green, has a meaningless purpose for the destructive actions that a group of teenage gang members took on throughout this story. The story gives great details about an immature teenage gang group who destroys for no reason, based on their insecure and psychologically disturbed minds. This story has a meaningless purpose of destruction, character conflict amongst self and others based on bribery.

During the gang members' social time, a senseless conflict arose between the teenage members and Mr. Thomas (aka Old Misery). The gang felt that Mr. Old Misery tried to bribe them off his property. The gang members did not appreciate Old Misery's bribery. Even though ...view middle of the document...

Thomas is trying to bribe the gang members off of his property.

This story leads to an irrelevant argument amongst the gang members. There was conflict between the characters, gang leader, Mr. Blackie and Mr. T. Mr. Blackie said "'… breaking in that’s good enough isn’t it?'" Mr. T believed that by destroying the home it would make things better. The unnecessary conflict between the gang members was based on an assumed unprovened fact. So the characters of the gang start to have small conflicts with one another based on assumed, psychological, unsaid statements. During their act on destroying the home, the gang members became tired and wanted to end this unnecessary madness except for Mr. T. Even one of the characters, Summer, asked '"why did we start this?'" That comment indicates to the reader that this act is completely unnecessary and has no purpose. This hateful act became restless matter for the gang members. Eventually, the gang members solved their pitiful argument or dispute amongst one another.

Another unnecessary action that the teenagers executed because of an assumed bribery was conflict between them and Mr. Old Misery. Fooling Mr. Thomas to climb over his own fence, then being able to lock and abandon him until they completed their mission on destroying his home was completely disrespectful. There are too much energy, conflicts, and risking trust with their personal family for an unprovened fact of bribery. One gang member's mother became ill, and his father thinks he is at church. Another gang affiliated member's parents went out of town and they trusted their child to be home and not get into any trouble. If their family found out what their child has been up to, it would not only be criminal charges for them to worry...

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