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Destination Resort Or Cruise Essay

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Destination Resort or Cruise
Jane Doe
ENG 121 English Composition 1
Ms. Nancy Drew
June 4, 2012


I. Introduction

II. Resort
a. All inclusive
b. Individual packaging
c. Excursions
d. Document Requirements

III. Cruise
a. All inclusive
b. Individual packaging
c. Excursions
d. Document Requirements

IV. Conclusion


Destination Resort or Cruise

Oh what fun it is to go vacationing; it is one of the greatest pass times there are. Often times the toughest part of planning a trip is deciding where to go. A land trip to a resort or a cruise sea side is usually some of the options chosen. You should spend a little preparation time planning your trip. At the end of the day, vacationing should be fun, relaxing and exciting! Resorts and cruises offer similar water activities and excursions.
Resort vacationing offers several ...view middle of the document...

A to-do list is essential. You will need to decide how you will travel to your destination; rental car, airline, or train. Once you have a destination in mind, you will need to be sure to check the documentation requirements.
Cruise vacations offer very similar amenities to resort traveling. You can book an all-inclusive cruise. However, there may be differences in the definition of “all-inclusive.” Port tours can be scheduled to allow you the opportunity to see more during your vacation. Although prices will vary, there are many different options to choose from and you can design your vacation to fit your needs and your budget.
There is plenty to do on the cruise ship. Many people say that a cruise liner is a city on water. Around the clock live entertainment, swimming, shopping, exercise equipment and spa experiences are just a few of the things offered on most cruise ships. Some cruise liners pre-schedule a dinner date with the Captain. The dinner is usually arranged with several guests on the trip and as dinner is served, the captain browses the dining room, greeting guest and joining in on photos. Like Resort traveling, a passport may be required for Cruising as well.
Should I Cruise versus Resort? Ultimately, the value of a vacation depends on the kind of getaway you're looking for. If your focus is on relaxing and drinking, an all-inclusive resort will be the better option. If you want an active vacation and enjoy exploring different cities or islands, a cruise will be more valuable to you. Choose the type of vacation that most appeals to you and you'll have found the best value for your money. (USA Today)
As you can see, both offer a great time to be had by all. No matter what type of vacation you choose, planning is essential. There will be tons of things to consider when putting any vacation together; car rental, scheduling airfare, passport application process, and booking rooms are just a few of the very important tasks. A key to remember is your vacation should be filled with fun and relaxation. Once you have done the initial leg work to make your dream vacation come true, sit back and enjoy your new found freedom.



USA Today (2004). Cruises vs. resorts: How all-inclusive is your vacation?

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