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Desktop Virtualization And Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Devices

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Moore’s law states that “every two years the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits has doubled every year since the integrated circuit was invented” (Intel, 2014). This was a term that was coined by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore in 1995 (Webopedia, 2014). This trend has allowed computers to go from large devices, where one computer would take up entire rooms to the computer devices we have now. This same trend can be seen in all parts of computer technology including the networking side of computer hardware. Where once we had simple peer-to-peer networks, then client-server networks and now we have cloud computing and virtualization. With virtualization, we can ...view middle of the document...

Both types of systems have different functions that can be allowed and managed from an administrative standpoint. Depending on what the end users will need access on the client devices, determines which type of virtualization is the best fit for the infrastructure that the virtualized desktops are being deployed.
Host-based Desktop Virtualization
Host-based desktop virtualization require that the end users interact with the desktop through a network connection that utilizes a remote display protocol (Rouse & Madden, Desktop Virtualization, 2011). Using the remote display protocol host-based virtualization can be utilized on a number of different electronic devices depending on what is best for the end user, which can include thin clients, zero clients, smartphones, and tablets (Rouse & Madden, Desktop Virtualization, 2011). Host-based virtualization can then be broke down into three different sub categories depending on how the virtualization works between the client and host computer. Each type of category is managed differently by administrators and allow for different experiences that the end users receive.
Host-based virtual machines. Host-based virtual machines are where a host machine is put in place at a location, which then serves out instances of the desktop to the different client devices that connect to the machine. This type of virtualization allows for multiple clients to access and receive an instance of the host desktop, allowing for a single host to run multiple virtual machines (Rouse, Host-based Virtual Machine, 2011). In a host-based virtual machine all of the data that the users will have access to is located on the host machine itself, so proper allocation must be made on the host machine so that all of the users that will access the machine have enough space to store and access files and programs they will need. Along with proper space allocation for each user the host resources can be allocated to users that are connected to the host as needed, giving different users more or less memory and CPU power needed to run the applications and files they are running on their instance versus another user’s instance (Rouse, Host-based Virtual Machine, 2011). Host-based virtual machines do require that the client is always connected to the server to maintain the session on the client computer. If the host machine were to go down it would cause all clients that connect to the single host to go down as well, with the exception of a failover backup host that can serve desktop instances to the client machines (NComputing, 2011).
Shared host virtualization. The shared host type of virtualization is effectively what Microsoft considers virtualization that takes runs through remote desktop services (Rouse & Madden, Desktop Virtualization, 2011). In this setting the client computer will connect to a shared desktop that is not unique to each user or connect directly to a specific application on the server (Rouse & Madden,...

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