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Design Of Structures In Respect To Heat Efficiency

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OUTLINEIntroductionProblemWhat materials are better for insulation?What designs are better for insulation?PurposeBackgroundOrganizations Researching ProblemMaterialslustrousdulldarklightDesignWindowsEnclosedHypothesisMaterialsProcedureSummaryMaterials that Work Best in Heat EfficiencyDesigns that Work Best in Heat EfficiencyReferencesIntroductionHeat efficiency in any architectural design is always a topic that must be addressed. Without this key element, structures would be totally inefficient to heat, not to mention extremely expensive. In order to design a heat efficient building you must first understand where heat is lost or where cold air enters the structure in question. My research ...view middle of the document...

Many organizations in such countries as Australia and England are conducting nationwide heat energy efficiency ratings that can be used as references for engineers and architects. These ratings could inform a designer as to what designs work better and which do not. The program in Australia is titled the 'Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme' (NatHERS) and became available to all designers who wished to use it early in 1995. A parallel program to the NatHERS is New Zealand's 'Window Energy Rating Scheme' (WERS) which allows homeowners to make better decisions about the selection and design of window systems from an energy perspective. The WERS rating system will not be available however until late 1996. Great Britain and many other nations have just recently begun conducting their own Energy Efficiency Rating systems that will not become available to the pubic until the early 21st century. So far though each of the research organizations has been making their own discoveries that have already begun to effect architectural designs of structures.Often a structure's ability to collect heat is directly associated with the materials it was built with. Depending on the material itself, it can either hinder or help the structure's ability to collect heat. A lustrous material such as a mirror for example, would reflect light but retain the heated photons. This effect would heat the structure extremely well because of the lustrous surface's ability to attract light towards it and collecting its heat. A dull material like natural wood, has proven not to attract much light nor to collect a substantial amount of heat. Plain wood would not be a wise decision to use if the material used in the structure was going to be how the structure was heated. Most often structures are built with internal systems that produce heat. The color of the material used to build a structure is also a key element. For the most part the darker the color the more heat it attracts and the more heat it can store. A structure that is entirely black in color will be far more easy to heat than one of any other color. Exactly opposite to dark colors are light colors that do not attract much heat at all and are not efficient at storing heat. The best combination is most often a dark, lustrous material if heat is the desired effect. A completely wrong choice would be materials that are dull and light in color unless cooling was the purpose.The design of a structure can contain an infinite number of different elements each either helping to make the structure efficient or hindering its ability. In my experimentation I am only going to focus on two design elements. These two elements pertain to if the structure has windows or if it is enclosed. The false-color image in figure 2 shows heat eminating from a house in the form of infrared radiation. The black regions radiate away the least amount of heat, while the white regions, which coincide with the house's windows, radiate away the most...

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