Design And Implementation Of A Bio Metric (Fingerprint) Clocking System

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Staff attenda nce management of an institution or organization can be very laborious using the conventional method of paper sheets and old file system method. Every corporate organization poses some standards concerning how attendance is to be confirmed for staff in offices. This is to enable the management of the organization identify those staff that are punctual and competent, that is why keeping the accurate record of attendance is very important. Also in institutions, tracking and monitoring staff time of attendance could pose a tedious task, time consuming and as well prone to errors. As an alternative to the traditional manual ...view middle of the document...

Biometric science utilizes the measurements of a person’s behavioral characteristics (keyboard strokes, mouse movement) or biological characteristics (fingerprint, iris, nose, eyes, jaw, voice pattern, etc). It is the features captured that is being transformed digitally into a template. The recognition software can then be used to discover an individual as the person they claim to be. Fingerprint recognition is the most common biometric method adopted in identification of a person (Ismail 2009).
Since some parts of the human body are used in biometrics, the issue of getting lost is not possible and for password to be easily guess can be easily avoided.   Also, utilizing biometrics in most cases can be said to be more efficient when speed is considered and convenient than employing password and ID cards method.
Using a particular person’s fingerprint as a form of authentication is just like using natural physical data as a password. The benefit of using biometric authentication is that it is absolutely distinct to each person. There are no two different individuals with the same fingerprint, it is difficult and impossible for one another to have the same fingerprint, and fingerprints from different people can never be the same. Also, a fingerprint can never be guessed by a criminal, such as a password which an imposter can easily predict using a user birth date or any other common password. 
Fingerprint can be categorized as one of the most mature biometric traits and is accepted in courts of law as a legitimate proof of evidence. Fingerprints are adopted in forensic analysis globally in investigations of criminal. More recently, there are growing numbers of individuals and commercial users that are currently using or strongly putting into consideration the use of fingerprint-based identification for no any other reason other than the matching performance biometric technology has demonstrated as well as a better understanding of fingerprints.
Although there are so many positive impacts for using biometric authentication, however, unlike username and password, biometric data is a physical feature of a person that is fixed and cannot be change. If a person could have access to adequately scan another person’s fingerprint, that scan has the capability to trick the Touch ID system. In that case, the fingerprint features of a person can’t be change consequently a criminal can’t be prevented from having access to your personal information or files. As fingerprint scanning becomes more widely accepted anywhere anytime, this may become a substantial challenge. A criminal can have access to different accounts because with one fingerprint, a criminal may have access to multiple accounts that implemented authentication using fingerprint.

The traditional attendance system is still mostly used in offices in most institution/organizations today. A sheet of paper containing list of staff names is usually available for staff to sign or...

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