Design A Research Project That Would Ascertain How Parenting Styles Influence The Development Of A Child. Include (A) Your Hypothesis And (B) Your Method

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Assignment # 3
Design a research project that would ascertain how parenting styles influence the development of a child. Include (a) your hypothesis and (b) your method.
How a parent disciplines and respond to their child may have great affects on their creative thinking. There are four types of parenting styles, authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved. (Kendra Cherry, “Parenting Styles”) By definition, I would consider myself an authoritative parent. I give my children age-appropriate rules and chores and corrective punishment when they break their rules. I will be focusing on the children’s creativity and which parenting style suppresses it. My hypothesis is ...view middle of the document...

But this style is not appropriate all the time.
The second style is the authoritative style. These parents establish rules but allow for their children to ask questions. They are more nurturing and understanding when the rules are not followed. This allows for children to have some freedom and make some choices on their own. Allowing questions helps the child develop a plan to follow the rule or complete the task. (Kendra Cherry, “Parenting Styles”) As said before, I consider this to be my main parenting style. My children have rules and standards but, instead of punishing, I use corrective action. I was a child who questioned everything and it made it easier for me to complete whatever task I needed to do. So, I try to always incorporate the “why” into my requests. For example, when I tell my son to make sure his bike is locked in the garage, he knows that if it doesn’t happen, it could get stolen. As corrective training, I lock his bike up for a week to show him what it would be like to have it stolen.
The third style is the permissive style or indulgent parenting. Children under this parenting style lack discipline and self-control because the parents make little to no demands of their children. (Kendra Cherry, “Parenting Styles”) This may seem like the best for creativeness, but without boundaries or goals, children lack...

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