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Descriptive Research Methods Worksheet

Please list 5 research methods that you have reviewed from the book or video in the chart below. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages a researcher should consider when determining which methods to use.

|Research Methods |Advantages |Disadvantages |
|1. questionnaires |Ability to contact a large group of people quickly, get the | You do not get the questionnaires back all the time and some of them do not come |
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|Underlying biases that might affect the actions taken while conducting research, |
| | |Describing atypical individuals may lead to poor generalizations and detract from |
| | |external validity. |
|5. Archival Method |Allows the researcher to extend the scope of the study. Attitudes |This method needs a lot of preparing such as how systematically the data were |
| |and behaviors along a longer time spend can be monitored and |collected, the completeness of the information, and the accessibility of the data |
| |observed. |should be taken into account before undertaking this type of study. |

1. From the video, discuss the purpose of correlational designs and the findings from the video regarding cell phone use.
“Correlational studies are quantitive, multi subject designs in which participants have not been randomly assigned to treatment...

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