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Texas A&M University – Commerce

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TMGT 595 – Applied Research in Engineering & Technology
Descriptive Research Study & Final Manuscript

Each student will select a research topic of their choice appropriate to their degree field (technology management, safety management, or management information systems). Research topics must be submitted and approved by the instructor. A research question will be formulated for the topic and a descriptive archival study will be conducted. A descriptive study does not seek to show causal effects rather it is used to establish what currently exists. Data collection is commonly performed with ...view middle of the document...

* Compose a research question based on the selected topic. (Remember, the question should be one that can be answered with pre-existing data.)
* Investigate and identify a journal or professional publication that is applicable to the selected research topic and would be a potential publication for the manuscript developed in the course.

Select a Research Topic: Select a broad topic related to the degree field that is of personal interest. This should not be a focused research question, which is measurable. The research question for the study will be developed from this topic.

Example Research Topic: Leadership styles in the technology industry
(This topic is provided as an example and cannot be used for a student project)

Compose a Research Question: Conduct some general searches from journals and other publications on the research topic. Using this information, develop a focused research question that will be measured and evaluated in the study. The question shall not be one that can be answered with a simple “yes”, “no”, or readily available facts. Rather it shall require an appropriate level of research and analysis to answer. This project involves a descriptive study, so the research question will focus on “what is”.

Example Research Question: What is the most common leadership style employed by the Chief Executive Officers (CEO) in technology based companies?
(This question is provided as an example and cannot be used for a student project)

For an experimental study looking to discover causal effects, a hypothesis would be developed and tested. Due to time limitations a full experimental design is not possible. The descriptive study required in this course DOES NOT require a hypothesis. However, as a reference an example of hypothesis that might be used in a full experimental study for this topic is:

Example Hypothesis: The leadership style of the CEOs in a fastest growing technology based companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex will not differ significantly from the leadership style of the CEOs in non-growth technology based companies in the DFW metroplex.
(A hypothesis is NOT required for this assignment)

Identify a Journal or Periodical: Investigate and identify a journal or periodical that would be appropriate to publish your research paper topic. Note: The final manuscript does not have to actually be submitted for publication. Each peer-reviewed publication provides guidelines for authors. The guidelines will provide direction for the length of the paper, font, reference format, etc. Locate the guidelines and save for future reference. An extensive list of journals and periodicals are available through the Gee Library at A&M-Commerce. There is a reference librarian available to assist students in their research. Take advantage of this service!

Planning Module Deliverables: (Due by Sunday of Week 5)
1. Research topic
2. Research Question
3. Name of the...

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