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A young woman named Jessie had a special place where she would go. In the beginning she did it solely for the exercise of hiking up that grassy hill, soon becoming much more. It became her sanctuary, home away from home, maybe even a little piece of heaven. Within this place she could be at peace with herself. It was just her, nature, and occasionally her favorite pet Secret.
Secret was a gorgeous, ginormous brown and white donkey with big gentle brown eyes that could see into a person’s soul. She normally looked down at Jessie’s short five foot-three-inch frame. However Secret still emotionally looked up to her and became attached to her that chilly spring day when she walked into the ...view middle of the document...

Once she arrived at her destination she inhaled deeply taking in the distinct smell of earth with a hint of sulfur which put a smile upon her face. She sat down at her usual spot by the edge of the deep brown, twenty five yard, oval shaped pond and ever so lightly dipped her feet in. She instantly started to giggle that silly school girl way as her feet slid into the blackish brown muck that acted like quicksand as it engorged her feet. She wiggled her toes which caused the unknown combination of pond bottom that most people would steer clear of, to squish between her toes. This action finally put her at ease.
She closed her eyes and leaned back letting the sun warm her neck and face. Her shoulders slowly dropped as her body relaxed. In the silence she could hear the faint ba-boom of her heart softy beating in her chest. At this time the little person in her head did not run around making her think of all the things she had to do, things she had done, and the memories were not flooding her train of thought. At that time she finally had the room to breathe, no more suffocation just the fresh scent of the woods and nature filled her lungs.
Unfortunately the went behind a dark cloud and the warmth disappeared. She opened her eyes gazing into the pond awestruck by how perfectly and effortlessly the water reflected the sky and trees. Jessie then moved so her body hovered over the pond, starring at her reflection as it appeared disfigured every few moments when the wind blew causing the water to ripple, breaking up the perfect mirror image. She noticed how sad and tired her eyes appeared which caused her to frown and the familiar creases on her forehead appeared. Quickly she brushed her bangs over her forehead and continued to stare, wondering what happened to the little girl she once was and how time went by so quickly. She reminisced on how she rarely ever had anything to worry about; her time consisted of fun and games. Now though she had to worry about college, work, and her family. She would give anything to reverse time and cherish those moments she had as a child and not take advantage of the time given.
She smiled remembering one of her fondest memories as a child. She was just six years old at that time with the same curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her parents were taking her to a pet store called Puppy Love. Overjoyed, she darted out of the truck and went straight into the store not waiting for her parents. She looked around saying hi to all the different puppies. Then she laid her eyes on this goofy-looking puppy that had curly blonde hair just like her. He was a golden retriever with a head that was disproportioned to his body which she loved. An employee took him out and let her play with him; she automatically fell in love, as did her parents. That night they brought him home naming him Sullie. The two of them grew up together: they both got taller, smarter, and closer to one another. Jessie stood by his side until he...

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