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Descriptive Essay

869 words - 4 pages

Karen L. Altamirano Nieto
Writing 115
28 April 2015
Description Essay

Many people would say that their home is a place where they enjoy spending their time because they can relax. Unfortunately it is not this way for me. The usual day at home for me consists of cleaning, dealing with crazy siblings, and college work.
From the moment I walk in my house I am greeted by loud little voices saying, “Karen’s home!” My two younger siblings are sitting at the kitchen counter with multiple coloring books open, crayons everywhere, left-over food on their plates, and great big smiles on their faces. I look over to the left where I see a sink full of dirty dishes filled with scraps of food ...view middle of the document...

One by one I begin to rinse each dish with lukewarm water, removing the gunk left after each meal and placing them into the dish washer. The pans are the nastiest to wash. They have tons of grease all over, including the handle. The pan keeps slipping through my fingers due to the slippery, oily substance. My only solution is to cover the pan with soap and scrub it vigorously with a sponge. After completing the monotonous task of washing dishes, I move on to wipe off the stove and each marble counter. Each burner on the stove has a pan on it. One has beans, another has, what appears to be chicken fajitas, the third has a pot filled with water, and the last pot has boiling noodle soup inside. On the kitchen counter overhang, still lies the coloring books, crayons and plates left by my sisters. I shout their names so they can clean up the mess. It doesn’t take them long before they start to complain about how they don’t want to clean. I ignore them until they get the memo that I don’t care if they don’t want to clean. They are going to clean the mess they made regardless if they want to or not. Finally I can move on to the living room. First I grab a feather duster and begin to wipe off our black entertainment center. There is dust in every crevice.
Before I can move...

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