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Description Of The Diskobolos Essay

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When sculpted in 450 B.C.E., the Diskobolos was originally crafted in bronze. The sculptor, Myron, used a technique called hollow-casting which was common for Greek sculptors of the Archaic period. The title of the sculpture, Diskobolos, means "disk thrower" in Greek. This sculpture has been reproduced thousands of times, including many marble copies made by the Romans, and plaster casts like the one in our library.The Diskobolos is a very detailed sculpture. The musculature of it shows the athletic ability of Greek athletes. The athlete is sculpted in the nude like many of the other Greek sculptures. The sculpture is attempting to capture the art of athletic ability, during strenuous tasks. The athlete is in ...view middle of the document...

The muscles over the entire sculpture are well defined. His shoulders are clearly defined from the rest of his arms. His chest has well defined pectoral muscles as well as abdominal muscles.Athletic ability was very important to the Greek's. For the first time in history we have art portraying athletes in action. Today the entire world still celebrates the Greek Olympic Games. The gamers were created more than 2500 years ago by the Greeks. Today the winners of the games receive medals, but in ancient Greece the athletes received crowns of olives. The athletes were written about and sculpted into history by the artists and writers of the time. The athletes were very important in the publics viewThe Diskobolos was crafted during the later half of the classical period. During that time, Greek art had three major concepts during that time period: humanism, rationalism, and idealism. The Diskobolos was crafted out of the idealist concept. Idealism focused on what was real and natural about the human body. The Diskobolos embodies this concept of idealism, showing the natural beauty of the human body in action while not over exemplifying the details of the body and making it unrealistic.As Greek art evolved it changed, with artists making improvements on their techniques and styles. Early Greek sculpture was crafted onto pillars or gables of buildings, and as you move into the Archaic period, life-size free standing sculptures begin to appear. The Diskobolos is unique for this period because of the action that it portrays. The Diskobolos remains one of the most copied sculptures ever created. It shows the respect the Greeks had for athletes, and the advancements made in art.

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