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Description Of Research Methodology Essay

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Description of Research Methodology
Jeff Covington
Professor Hawkins
Social Psychology
July 12, 2015

The article I selected from the SPARQ website is entitled “To Make Change, Start with a Crowd.” (Wilson, n.d.), which summarizes a research article (Lewin, K. 1943) on the topic. This research article is based on not just changing the behaviors of one person at a time but changing the behaviors of an entire group. Kurt Lewin had this brilliant view on how to spread the word on being able to eat animal organs, since it was too expensive purchasing regular meats due to sending them overseas to the military during World War II. Instead of educating one person at a time about this, he did a research study of about 15 women at a time for recipes they can try at home so that they can save money and still get the right amount of nutrition the family needed.
Description of Research Methodology
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They also received recipes to try at home to see if their families can withstand the taste of these animal organs. After learning this I believe that it was a great idea to take the subjects that would actually be cooking that in their own home rather than taking scientists and professors to complete this task. The only thing that I would be concerned about is the family eating these meals as part of a research study and because of the animal organs they are eating they get sick, now that is a risk the midwives need to take into consideration and so should have Kurt Lewin but other than that one risk the idea was superb to put this research study into action with those that will actually be eating that meal almost every night.
When it comes to attaining the most information, you have to think outside the box. Creating the recipe and collecting the women for the research study did very well for Kurt Lewin, what he did was very effective and he aimed the research study right at the people that needed to know about it. He did not aim it the men because they were out all day working, also they did not cook. He did not aim it at the children because the children were too young and naïve to understand the concept of having the right diet. The women were the perfect target because they are the ones staying home, watching the children and cooking for their spouse. So I believe that Kurt Lewin obtained the most information any man could have.
Kurt Lewin had volunteers come in for this research study, no person was forced at hand or did something they did not want too. It was a study to help families stay within budget but also keep their diet balanced. I believe this study was completely ethical because he got every consent from all of the women and no one was kept against their will. Kurt Lewin had a solid research study going which helped out many families in saving money and getting the amount of protein that they needed. He helped American families all across the nation because of this study.
Lewin, K. (1943). Forces behind food habits and methods of change. Bulletin of the National Research Council, 108, 35-65.

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