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Description Essay On " The Impact Of Socialism On The Cuban Economy: A Contrasting Picture."

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Definitiontion EssayEnglish 1017 March 2005[The word communism comes from French, communisme being its original form and commun its root, meaning common in English. The word was first used in the English language in the nineteenth century, more specifically in 1848 due to the publication of The Communist Manifesto.]Communism.There are many different things that could be said about communism. In fact there are many different ways in which communism could be found. Currently, five nations are still communist; although everyone has adopted a different way of communism. In essence all different tendencies lead to the same principle: communism as the name explains itself is a system in which all property is owned ...view middle of the document...

If the same amount of money is given to five different people, obviously they are all going to do something different with their money. Well it works just like so when it comes to a communist state, everybody is going to want something different and going to have different expectations in life. Is impossible to expect a doctor who went to school for over five years to be happy receiving the same salary as a construction worker who all that has to offer are his muscles. The same way is impossible to have an honest person working along with a greedy and unscrupulous one, and expect both of them to perform equally. The fact that every single person thinks differently could be the main reason why out of over 25 nations that were communist once, only five still remain as so.In a communist society, there is always going to be people who support it because of the personal benefits they obtain by their country being communist. These are the people who supposedly believe in a communist state and will fight to maintain one, being these the same people who occupy most of the main positions in the government.If in a communist country everything is owned by the state and the state is run by a closed circle of people who only care about their own benefit, and only respond to a central leader while displaying to the world the fake equality of life and social classes of communism; then communism is nothing more than a modern and hypocritical way of aristocracy.

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