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Description And Reflective Memo Essay

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Eng 131: Short assignment 1.1: Description and Reflective Memo

W-462-C, those are the words imprinted on the door outside my dorm room where I

currently reside in for my freshman year of college. The door is made of very sturdy wood causing it to be heavy. At waist level of the door there is a keyhole in the doorknob and as I slide my key in I notice the several scratches on it caused by the countless of times when I accidentally miss the keyhole.

As I slowly open the door, one first notices the barren cement walls that have been painted white. The carpeted floor has a grey checked design that fills the floor around the entire room. To the right there is a full length mirror ...view middle of the document...

Turning around, I find myself facing the study table which has been fully covered with papers and piles of books. However there is one empty corner where a fish tank sits. Inside the fish tank there is a beautiful blue Betta proudly showing off its majestic turquoise body under the glowing light of the study lamp. It was as though my presence was noted and it was trying to impress me.

In this essay, I wrote it in first person to enable the reader to actively engage with my description of the dorm room. By using words such as “I” it provides personal and emotional connection between the author and the reader. By provoking the reader’s thoughts, the reader would be able to experience and grasp a better understanding the portrayal of the dorm room through their imagination. It also allows the audience to see the dorm room from only my perspective thus emphasizing my view point.

I started off by describing the door of my dorm room by using the words “heavy”, “large” and “sturdy wood”. These words give a firm and heavy type of connotation portraying to the reader a very overpowering image and presence of the door thus emphasizing the size and structure of it. I then turn the attention to the mirror on the wall. By saying that I have an “uncertainty of it falling” portrays a very fragile and unsteady image of the mirror allowing the reader to empathize and understand the fear emoted. I then go on to describe the ballet flats by using alliteration in the words “gold glittered”. It provides emphasis on how shiny the shoes are and the alliteration aids imprinting the image of the shoes on the readers mind memory as it creates a...

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