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Describing How The Society Has Stereotypically Defined A Male And Femal, Boy And Girl

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What makes a boy and what makes a girl? Exaggerated characteristics or "stereo types" are often used to portray males and females as being different to each other. Examples of this include, dress style and colour, verbal communication, relationships and actions. Such stereotypes are often portrayed and perpetuated in children's television. Good morning Ms Panetta and 9.04. Today I am going to be talking to you about the Flintstones. The Flintstones is targeted at a children's audience from ages between ages 3 and 10, although many older people seem to enjoy the show. By watching and analyzing this program, I have come to the conclusion that the Flintstones perpetuates out-of-date and ...view middle of the document...

To continue the story: Against Wilma's wishes, Fred goes to an employment agency. When he gets there, he tells the 'stereotypically' female secretary what he wants. She then conveys the message to a 'stereotypical' male manager. Fred is introduced to several housekeepers, who although having very different personalities, all are very recognizable female stereotypes. For example; there's the plump, greedy, and lazy housekeeper; the over-organized, bossy, have-to-keep-on-schedule type; and of course, the young, dopey, sexy blonde. Fred, as the stereotypical male, picks the latter. Then his friend Barney warns him that Wilma will not be impressed. So he hires the other three, one after the other, all of whom prove, through their stereotypical female personality defects, to be unsuitable. Wilma finally speaks up and tells him that if he hasn't found a housekeeper by 6:00 o'clock that afternoon, her mother is coming. At this point, two more characters enter the show. These are; Grandma Dynamite, an eccentric, elderly female bank robber; and her 'mummy's boy' grandson, Sonny. She overhears Fred telling Barney his housekeeper problem and subsequently poses as a housekeeper. This seems like a fine idea to Fred and he hires her. A couple of days go by, and all goes well. Fred doesn't notice anything weird about how the new housekeeper works. Like when things are stuck, grandma...

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