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Describe What Is Meant By The Process Of Nursing And Explain The Role Of The Nurse Within That Process

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The process of nursing, at a basic level, can be described as a modified scientific process (Funnell et al, 2009). Significantly, although Funnell (2009) described it as a scientific process the nursing process also uses the nurses’ individual analysis of a patient plus their care needs in addition to research evidence to be able to identify the patient’s health needs. Then they would be able to devise and implement a care pathway (Reed, 2009, pp.63.) The nursing process has also been described as a problem solving approach to nursing care (Peate, 2012.) Importantly the nursing process has also been described as a process of nursing that is focused on the patient and aims to provide an ...view middle of the document...

) Observation is a continuous process that should happen whenever there is nurse and patient interaction (Rayman, 2009, pp.220-245.) This allows the nurse to build up a holistic picture of the patient’s health in regards to mood, physical health, social interactions and emotional state (Peate, 2012). It also allows any signs or symptoms of deteriorating health to be closely monitored (The Royal Marsden, 2011.)
The next stage of the nursing process is planning (Peate, 2012). This stage of the process aims to set out quantifiable outcomes that can aid health professionals to prevent potential problems or ease or eradicate actual symptoms/conditions (Beretta, 2008, pp.290-317.) Sibson (2010, pp. 38-59) also discusses that at this stage of the process the role of the nurse and other members of the multi-disciplinary team would be to assist the patient to be able to cope with their identified condition.
Sibson (2010, pp. 38-59) also discusses that the nursing care that is being implemented to address a patient’s diagnosis must be taken into consideration and accurately documented. Notwithstanding, in contrast to the above views it has been discussed that the effect the care will have on the patient should be primarily focused on rather than on what the nurse is doing (The Royal Marsden, 2011.) However what the nurse does is critical because they have to make the initial assessments, devise and implement an effective plan of care and communicate with the patient to be able for the patient to gain the best possible health outcomes (Peate 2012). Therefore it could be described as a cyclical cycle between nursing care and beneficial effects for the patient (Hardwick, 1998.) Significantly the planning stage of the nursing process should accumulate in an individualised care plan for the patient that is specific, achievable and measurable, has appropriate time limits and is patient-centred (Peate, 2012.)
The next stage of the nursing process is implementation (Peate, 2012.) This stage is where “the patient’s individualised care plan is utilised and executed, in collaboration with other members of the healthcare team,” (Oxford Dictionary of Nursing, 2003, p. 241.) The significance of this stage of the process is that role of the nurse, in conjunction with other members of the multidisciplinary team, is to provide assistance to patients to manage the plan of care set out for them (Peate, 2012.) Then the patient with the support of the nurse can enhance or stabilise their health, if possible, and recognise signs of deteriorating health (Timby, 2009). Notably, once the plan of care is being implemented it can be seen what aspects are beneficial and/or what aspects are not targeting the desired outcomes then the plan can be continuously modified (Peate, 2012.)
Significant roles of the nurse in the implementation of any care pathways include the following; taking time to sit down with the patient , explaining every aspect of the proposed course of action...

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