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Describe The Technological Advantage Between Two Companies

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Toni Jones
Professor Victor Olufeso
Ph1 Project 1

Project 1
In this paper I have been ask to determine the technological advantages of two different companies. Also explain what would be most profitable using the site type, and the determine if dynamic pricing be applicable to the model. The two companies that I chose to compare are Sam’s Club and Costco’s. In comparing the two companies, I notice that Sam’s club business model is revenue model and a ...view middle of the document...

I think that Sams club have an advantage over Costco’s because it offers it own credit cards that is sponsored by discover credit cards. I feel as though Sam’s club would be an idea selection, because it has been around longer than Costco and Sam’s club also has partner up with Wal-Mart to sell products and services, which shows that they are branching out with other business to make a profit. Another company that I think would be profitable using this type of site would be banks because they offer a lot of product and services take for instance likes USAA, they offer travel, rental car services, and merchandise for sell to their members at a discounted price. They would be able to use this service to attract other consumers other than the military community. I think that dynamic pricing will be applicable to this model, because it will help the company as the demand for products and services increase due to the wants and needs of the consumers and other businesses.
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