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Describe Strategies Based On Psychological Theory That The Staff Of A Nursing Home Might Consider Using To Gain Control Over Disruptive, Uncooperative Residents In A Nursing Home, And Assess Both The Practical And

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There are a number of psychological methods that can be used to gain control in a situation that needs order, such as a prison or in this case, an uncooperative group of elderly people. These include techniques such as token economy programmes and anger management programmes; also ECT can be considered.
Token economy programmes are a form of behaviour modification based on the principles of operant conditioning. It was originally created as a behaviour modification method; however it is now just usually used to maintain good behaviour in prison settings. It can be applied to the nursing home situation as it will encourage cooperative behaviour because they will be gaining tokens ...view middle of the document...

However a lack of training from people implementing the token economy programmes has been shown to produce unsuccessful results. Also TEP’s (token economy programmes) are generally quite straightforward to do and oversee, so results may be quite rapid. A practical weakness of TEP’s is that it may be difficult for offenders to generalise the learnt behaviours to the outside world. For example, an antisocial man may learn through a TEP to be polite, however when he gets out rewards for politeness will not be so obvious, and he therefore may stop the desired behaviour and start behaving antisocially (however it is unlikely the elderly residents will leave the home, therefore this point may not apply to all of these people). An ethical strength of the programme is that no deception is involved; the participants know exactly what it is they are having conducted on them. An ethical weakness however is that it may be seen as wrong to discriminate against a group of elderly residents in terms of privileges merely because they wish to disagree about things. These weaknesses could result in a different technique to solve the issues of the elderly people.
This technique can be practically applied to a real life setting and is commonly done so. Prison settings usually include a token economy programme to keep order and control within the prison. The programmes tend to be successful and are frequently used.
Following on from the previous paragraph, anger management programmes may be used as an alternative. Anger management programmes are cognitive behavioural techniques which try to change the way a person, typically an offender, thinks by teaching them ways to control their aggressiveness. Its aim is to reduce anger in people and therefore prevent the undesired behaviour from occurring in the future. In this case, anger management programmes can be used to change the behaviour of the uncooperative pensioners. There are three main steps in an anger management programme. Cognitive preparation, which is the recognition of situations that trigger anger e.g. when the pensioner hears something they disagree on, they should recognise that this situation could potentially make them angry. The second stage is skill acquisition, which is where the people concerned are showed ways of controlling their anger e.g. counting to 10, walking away, etc. The third stage is application practice. This is where the person concerned role plays situations in which they would get angry (for example a political disagreement) and put into practise the techniques of the second stage. This technique could be successful in making the elderly people cooperate more with the nursing home rules and...

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