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“Describe In Detail A Specific Advanced Hypnotherapeutic Approach, Giving A Clear Rationale For Its Application And Therapeutic Objective.”

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“Describe in detail a specific advanced hypnotherapeutic approach, giving a clear rationale for its application and therapeutic objective.”

Hypnotherapy provides a number of different ways for treating patients suffering from anxiety. This essay seeks to look at some of these methods, aiming to uncover what these methods are, how they specifically target anxiety, what anxiety actually means on a biological and psychological level, and why hypnotherapy can be a good solution for some of the causes of anxiety(Gibb 2007). It is hoped that in the process of answering the question, a better understanding will be reached of the effects of anxiety and hypnotherapy, both in terms of its ...view middle of the document...

Hormones are another factor that can lead to anxiety. Women tend to be far more vulnerable to this than men as they experience far greater hormonal variation in their bodies than men, for example after giving birth or entering the menopause. In these cases, women’s’ bodies are left without enough progesterone, the hormone needed to control stress, and accordingly, they are more vulnerable to suffer anxiety. However, if levels do not get back to original levels, say after a pregnancy, this can lead to post-partum depression and longer-term anxiety disorder.
On top of this, a person can also feel anxious as a reaction to fear. According to Irving Janis and Terwilliger (1962), the factor trends that can cause anxiety as a result of fear can be classified into three different levels. The first is a low charge anxiety response, which is considered a protective response. The second and more serious charge, the so-called moderate charge, is one in which sympathetic functions become much more marked, and reactions include panic attacks. Usually, people in this group are greatly influenced by the information that is given to them. Information seems to have a positive influence on these people: potential dangers, how dangers are overcome, and protective factors help the patients grasp reality and overcome worry. The third charge, also known as the vaso-vagal syncope, is caused by any example of pathophysiology, ranging from blood loss to extreme stress. Regardless of the trigger, the mechanism of syncope is similar in the various vasovagal syncope syndromes. In it, the nucleus tractus solitarius of the brainstem is activated directly or indirectly by the triggering stimulus, resulting in simultaneous enhancement of parasympathetic nervous system (vagal) tone and withdrawal of sympathetic nervous system tone. This can result in various reactions: a drop in heart rate, a drop in blood pressure, or even a loss of consciousness (Rossi 1988) (Rossi & Cheek 1988).
When we come to look at psychological causes of anxiety, we must return to the amygdala. It works in association with memory pathways to determine the relevance of the stimulus and the gives an emotional reaction. Thus, anxiety can be a product of previous experiences which the amygdala allows the brain to “relive”. This is important when we come to hypnosis as the hypsnosis itself strives to “turn off” the amygdala in an attempt at controlling these emotions caused by unpleasant memories. However, on top of this, anxiety can also be caused by the breaking of rhythms that regulate our lives. These can be broken down into three main ones: the infradian rhythm which refers to rhythms that last longer than a day, the menstrual cycle for example; circadian rhythms which refer to those that take place once every 24 hours such as sleep; and finally, the ultradian rhythm that refers to rhythms that last less then 24 hours, the various cycles involved in sleep for example. While breaking these rhythms...

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