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Describe And Explain The Differences In Energy Production And Consumption In Sweden And India

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Describe and explain the differences in energy production and consumption in Sweden+ India

India has a much higher productivity rate in terms of producing energy than Sweden. Although Sweden has more money and technology to produce, India’s industrialising has led to a very high rate of productivity when producing coal. It is the world’s third biggest producer. Due to such large quantities of coal in India it is their abundant source for energy and probably will remain it until much further into the future. India also uses fuel wood but the demand has outstripped the regenerative capacity of their woodlands so production has lowered. Sweden relies on renewable energy and imported oil suggesting possible low rates of productivity. However they are the third biggest produce of nuclear energy, but compared to how much coal India produce, Sweden produces much less energy. India is also looking into the ...view middle of the document...

This decision was also under the influence of the considerations made of energy security and the need to avoid extreme reliance on imported fossil fuels. Being an MEDC, Sweden has the money and technology to develop into the production of nuclear energy unlike India (which, has led to Sweden being the third biggest producer in the EU for nuclear power). However, unlike Sweden, India has huge reserves of fossil fuels, in particular Coal, so India has used this to provide 55% of their energy. India’s high productivity is due to such a high demand with an ever-growing population down to the lack of contraception being an LEDC. Sweden do not require such big reserves in such high demands as they have a stable population so different methods of energy production can be trialled e.g. HEP, Nuclear.

The exceptional feature of India’s energy consumption compared with Sweden (an MEDC) is the importance of the traditional rural economy. The rural areas of India consume 61% of energy in the whole country. LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and kerosene provide less than 2% of energy consumed in rural areas; however, over 62% of households use kerosene. Large amounts of electricity and diesel are also used in agriculture. Sweden also uses high amounts of electricity but not for agricultural use, in every day life. Consumption of energy is high in Sweden; it’s higher per person compared to India, but India use more in general.

India use more energy overall than Sweden purely to the high population which, is still growing compared to Sweden’s stable population. However Sweden use more per person and of a higher percentage. In the Industry sector India use 25.3% of energy whilst Sweden use 37.3%. In transport India use only 9.6% whilst Sweden use over double, with 25.4%. The high quality of living and high quality of life enjoyed by the Swedish is made possible by a sophisticated post-industrial economy. This in turn is only possible through the consumption of large quantities of energy per person. High-energy independence gives Sweden and other MEDCs, unlike India, a high-energy profile.

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