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Describe An Important Change In The Macbeth. Explain How This Change Helped You Understand An Idea(S) In The Text

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In the play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, the main character, Macbeth went through an important change. This change reinforced the idea of ambition and what it can lead to, throughout the text.Macbeth is Shakespeare’s protagonist in the play Macbeth. Macbeth was one of the most honorable, courageous and loved generals in King Duncan’s army. We first hear about Macbeth when the wounded captain recounts the battle in which Macbeth won. Macbeth was seen as “valiant”. Then Macbeth found the witches and they foretold that he would be king. Macbeth realized that if he wanted the crown then he would need to kill the king. After wondering for a while he concluded that he would not kill the king and proceeded to tell his wife that they shall not kill Duncan. Lady Macbeth knew that Macbeth was weak and with only a single, fatal blow to his courage she deceived him into killing Duncan. Macbeth under went a dramatic change, from hero to villain, from healthy ambition to ...view middle of the document...

Macbeth was loved and trusted by the king. Macbeth became such a warrior because of his ambition. He wanted to be respected so he proved himself in battle and got the respect that he was longing for. Macbeth didn’t contemplate killing the king or plotting against him like the former thane of Cawdor. He plotted with the invading Norwegians and was killed. Macbeth had no desire to kill Duncan but after his meeting with the witches his dark ambition grew. They appealed to it. Fed it. And this led to a huge change in Macbeth. He was controlled by his ambition.During Macbeth’s soliloquy we discover that he is not the noble and heroic Scottish general depicted. He ponders over the consequences of killing king Duncan. We find, in this scene, that Macbeth is very cold blooded. His ambition is dark. Macbeth would kill Duncan if “the assassination could trammel up the consequences with his surcease” which means that Macbeth would kill Duncan if his death were like net; sweep everything up and have not consequences. This changes how the reader see’s Macbeth. From the respected general to the plotting traitor. This is Macbeth’s inner ambition, his dark ambition. It is being fed with promises of greatness and a guaranteed path to the crown. Further in his soliloquy we discover that Macbeth knows that his ambition is bad. He knows that he is evil. The reader discovers that it is only Macbeth’s fear of getting caught that scared him out of killing Duncan at first. His wife saw this and questioned his manhood. She knew the only reason stopping Macbeth was “if we should fail?”Macbeth was a weak character. He did not have the courage to contuine without his wife. But in this the reader saw how Macbeth’s real ambition was released from the cage from whence it was it. It was a fight for Macbeth to keep his dark ambition from getting out but once it was tempted with kingship and still fed by his wife. He couldn’t control any longer. Macbeth’s change in character was a very important change because using the same character; Shakespeare contrasted the different sides of ambition. A very important idea in Macbeth.Reference (Biblography):Green, F. (1994) based on: Shakespeare, W (1623). Heinemann Shakespeare: Macbeth. Oxford. Heinemann Educational Publisher

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