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Describe A Working Day That You Feel Nervous And Uncomfortable

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That day was a really bad day.

I used to think I was a strong girl that was able to control my emotions until that bad day.The day that I received a call from my friend, she said she was discouraged and tiredof failing in finding a job despite her daily attempt.That day made me down to hear the complaining from my roommate to the argument with her colleague, the one she always trusted before. And my younger brother asked me if I could explain to him some trouble in the Microprocessor subjects which he could not understand from his professor’s lecture.

No one knew that I also fallen down my hole. My group’s project could not meet ...view middle of the document...

But that time, I wonder why I could not find a shoulder for me.When she was also a front of big trouble like that, I never want she worried about me, or, I was really jealous when I only knew to listen and didn’t know how to share my feeling?

I listened to the “Bad day” of Daniel Powter for relaxing, keeping me not to think any more and taking a nap. I thought that, when I awaked, I might find a good reason and a good way.

I found a sheet of paper and wrote every good point of mine and every reason could make me tired and fallen down. It took me one hour to think carefully and completely. When the paper had no space, I read it again carefully and finally I realized my problem.

I have been working so hard, I know how to adapt myself to new challenges, I want to learn experience from my colleagues but it seems to be not enough for me to become a good employee. In the past of my life, if I met a trouble in my life, I did not choose the way of sharing or resolving it, I just kept it for myself until this hole became too big for me to get over. This hole made me not concentrate on my work and be not enough strong to face a new challenge. Sometimes, something is so simple but you might never get it.

After that, I made a date with my best friend and that was the last day I treated me right by myself.
That was really a bad day, but in another way, that was also the best day when I recovered myself.

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