Deployment For Windows 2003 Essay

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Deployment for Windows 2003
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The chapter I chose to cover is, Chapter 1: Planning for Storage. As the title indicates, covers planning for storage, specifically in a client-server network environment. This chapter, though not a systematic guide, provides the reader with specific information for doing just that. It covers everything from determining the organizational and application requirements to planning a disaster recovery solution. It provides questions to ask to determine those requirements. Chapter 1 also provides information on planning for scalability and deployments of Storage Area Networks. It provides information on the different types of RAID that provide fault ...view middle of the document...

Everything from; what type of hardware the organization uses to are they required by regulations to maintain a specific number of copies for a specific length of time, play a big role in their storage solutions. Even the size of the organization, and plans that they have for future growth can impact it. Also the architecture is an important consideration for server class machines. Prior to reading this, I would have designed the storage by solely utilizing additional ATA hard drives on the servers. That would not necessarily be my first choice now. Though that solution (referred to as Direct-Attached Storage) is a valid option, it in not optimal for larger organizations with large traffic volume, or with extremely large amounts of data. The choice of architecture is another example of making sure that the right questions are asked at the beginning. Depending on the answer, a network attached storage appliance or a Storage Area Network may be a better option.
Some of the topics covered never even occurred to me. I would now consider such options as using virtual storage, or even using a SAN. Although after reading thru the portion on SANs I would not recommend that as the first choice unless you were looking at an organization that stored extremely large amounts of data. Chiefly because SANs are a network all to themselves and require much planning to implement.
Protecting user data is something that I've come learn doesn't just take care of itself. It must be planned for, using such methods as creating shadow copies, and folder redirection. If you want to minimize the support man hours spent recovering lost data because of user error, the shadow copy would be useful as you are giving the user the ability to restore their data. The requires that the copies be stored on a server itself and shared folders must be utilized. Hand in hand with shadow copies goes the folder redirection as this takes the data that users...

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