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Department Of Veterans Affairs Essay

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The Department of Veterans Affairs Information Management System: Serving those that Served
Punefuolemotu E.L. Aiumu
Everest University
MBA Degree Program
Information Management System

I selected this title because I served in the United States Army from 2003 to 2010. I was deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and several other operations. However, when I left the Service it became clear to me years later that Veterans Affairs weren’t ready to treat our Men and Women coming back from War. So I did some extensive research on how the system may have failed the people it was supposed to serve. And a good example of the system’s failure was the second Fort Hood ...view middle of the document...

If a Service Member damages his records beyond recognition, instead of him waiting for 6 months to a year to retrieve copies, can we implement a system that will grant him online access to his Service and Medical Records?
3. Is there a better information sharing system for the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense to quickly process Service Member’s that are transitioning from Active Duty status to the Civilian sector to grant them employment with in the same field while they were in the Military, and in the same capacity as Civilians?
There was a time when wearing a uniform meant the attention was given to you. People came together to thank these heroes that fought for the liberation of lands taken by force. The very latest of these acts of valor came in Sept. 11 2001 when a cowardice act took 3,000 lives on a Tuesday morning. They fought their way to punish those that help plan these attacks, and also to liberate a Nation destabilized by tyrants. Today, thousands upon thousands of these heroes are heading back home. Only to be met with a Veteran support system that is several years old.
This paper will talk about the VA and its aging system. A system that is so simple that men at the top make it sophisticated to use. As you read through this paper you will come across some points and questions that will only fuel your curiosity. And that’s what I want you to have is to be curios and always ask the most important of the five W’s….WHY? Veterans Affairs the Department technology forgot.

History of Veterans Affairs.
“In 1776 the Continental Congress sought to encourage enlistments and curtail desertions with the nation’s first pension law. It granted half pay for life in cases of loss of limb or other serious disability. This obligation was carried out in varying degrees by different states. At most, only 3,000 Revolutionary War veterans ever drew any pension. Later, grants of public land were made to those who served to the end of the war.” (Department of Veterans Affairs, 2005). This means that the each State had to take care of their own wounded and disabled Soldier.
Later on the U.S Government took on the burden with payments. Let me remind you that the U.S Federal Government volunteered to accept the duty of paying Veterans of Conflicts. “In 1789, with the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, the first Congress assumed the burden of paying veterans benefits. The first federal pension legislation was passed in 1789.” (Department of Veterans Affairs, 2005)
As the Nation keeps growing during this era so have the wars we participated in. Hence, the increase of more Veterans and disabled Veterans. “It continued the pension law passed by the Continental Congress. There were 2,200 pensioners by 1816. In that year the growing cost of living and a surplus in the Treasury led Congress to raise allowances for all disabled veterans and to grant half-pay pensions for five years to widows and orphans of soldiers of the...

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