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Department Of Homeland Security Essay

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What is the United States Secret Service? The United States secret service is a federal law enforcement agency in one of the department of homeland security.(1) The United States secret service is one of the oldest departments in homeland security. The secret service was formed 150 years ago back in the 1865. The secret service division and the primary mission and responsibilities was to protect the us government from fraud and abuse for us the government money the wrong for as gambling it over money laundry things of that nature (2). Over the course of the years from 1865 to 1867 the secret service division moved from Washington D.C back to New York back to Washington D.C reason being ...view middle of the document...

The reason why they are called domestic terrorism because the group or individual gets foreign influence telling them that this is ok to do and go out with the plan by destroying buildings or business. One example of domestic terrorism in America is right wing terrorism between the years of 1990-1999’s it was a group called the KKK the group was motivated by mainly white racial supremacy and a anti -government and anti-regulatory beliefs group. (4) The KKK where a domestic terrorism because they committed violent acts on the community from bombing abortion clinics to setting churches on fire also killing other Americas. The next domestic terrorism attack that happened the first was the 1993 domestic terror attack in New York on the world trade center. That attack on the world trade center cause extreme damage and destruction on the building. American since then has seen more attacks. Till now more intense from the Oklahoma city bombing in 2014 , to the (3) 2012 Tri-State killing Spree these are all forms of domestic terrorism. The united states secret service has done its part since the year 2000 with keeping the domestic terrorism rate down.
After 9/11 homeland security adding a new act to their policy and new executive orders to it. The Executive Orders were as followed (4)Executive order 13228 was established on October 11, 2001 a month after the Sept.11 attack on the world trade center. Order 13228 was the beginning of DHS and was the establishment of homeland security and the laws that will be followed in that order and to always carry out the mission orders. The next order was 12231 and was created on October 16, 2001 this order was placed in homeland security to carry out and protect the major buildings such as water plants, power plants, mainly major infrastructures and essential components of life.(4) 3.2.6 USA Patriot ACT, this acted kept the united states from sharing any intelligence to foreign countries without the government consists first. Next wiretapping it allowed the government to wiretapping your phone or lines in u were suspect in a major case or they just where a possible threat to the United States. Homeland security post 9/11 made a ACT, seven major functions to enhanced DHS by adding those major functions they are put in place for more protection for America. Newer policies for the government to follow that way America is not left vulnerable for any more attacks on the united...

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