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Dena Bank Business Overview Essay

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Business Policy |
Company: Dena Bank |


Dena Bank was founded on 26th May, 1938 by the family of DevkaranNanjee under the name DevkaranNanjee Banking Company Ltd. It became a Public Ltd. Company in December 1939 and later the name was changed to Dena Bank Ltd.In July 1969 Dena Bank Ltd. along with 13 other major banks was nationalized and is now a Public Sector Bank constituted under the Banking Companies Act, 1970.
* One among six Public Sector Banks selected by the World Bank for sanctioning a loan of Rs.72.3 crores ...view middle of the document...

5) Customer rating system for rating the Bank Services.
Business Parameters | 2008-09 | 2009-10 | 2010-11 | 2011-12 | 2012-13 |
Business Mix | 72235 Cr | 87066 Cr | 109373 Cr | 134326 Cr | 163664 Cr |
% Increase in Business Mix | 26.01 | 20.53 | 25.62 | 22.81 | 21.84 |
Total Deposits | 43051 Cr | 51345 Cr | 64210 Cr | 77167 Cr | 97207 Cr |
% Increase in Total Deposits | 26.83 | 19.26 | 25.06 | 20.18 | 25.97 |
Net Advances | 28878 Cr | 35462 Cr | 44828 Cr | 56693 Cr | 65781 Cr |
% Increase in Net Advances | 25.42 | 22.80 | 26.42 | 26.47 | 16.03 |
Net Profit | 422.66 Cr | 511.25 Cr | 611.63 Cr | 803.14 Cr | 810.38 Cr |
% Increase in Net Profit | 17.47 | 20.96 | 19.93 | 31.31 | 0.90 |
The business operations of Dena Bank can be broadly classified into the key income generating areas such as Personal & Retail Banking, Business Banking, Corporate Banking, International Banking, Treasury Banking and Rural Banking services.
Personal & Retail Banking: It offers basket of Deposit schemes and Loan schemes.
Deposit schemes | Loan schemes |
Premium Current and Saving Account scheme | Dena Niwas Housing Finance scheme |
Dena Jeevan SB Account | Dena VidyaLaxmi Educational loan scheme |
Dena Savifix Deposit scheme | Dean Personal Loan scheme |
Dena Fixed deposit scheme | Dena Auto Finance scheme |
Dena Maha Tax BachatYojana | Dena Consumer Durable Loan |
Dena Senior Citizen scheme | Dena Trade Finance scheme |
Dena Recurring Deposit scheme | Dena Mortgage Loan scheme |
Dena Cash Certificate | Dena Senior Citizen Pensioners’ Loan scheme |
Dena Minor Saving scheme | Dena Rent scheme |
Dena Samruddhi Deposit scheme | Dena Doctor + |
| Dena Gold Loan scheme |
Corporate Banking:The Bank has devised specific schemes for the following Sectors:
Educational Institutions | Builders & Developers | Hospitals |
Entertainment Industry | Hotels & Restaurants | |
International Banking: The Bank has Trade Finance schemes and NRI desk.
Trade Finance schemes | NRI desk |
Export services | NRI Deposit Products |
Import services | Interest rates |
Correspondent Banking | Remittances |
Exchange Earners’ Foreign Currency Account | Loans and Overdraft |
Diamond Dollar Account Remittances | Rupee Drawing Arrangement with UAE Exchange Centre LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE |
Treasury Operations | Resident Foreign Currency Accounts |
Business Banking: The Bank provides loans to Mid and Large corporate
Working Capital loans | Project finance | Bank Guarantee |
Term loans | Letter of Credit | Cash Credit |
Treasury Banking: Investment is done in the following
Equity | Derivatives | Commodities |
Mutual Funds | Bonds | Trading and Forex Operations |
Priority and SME& Rural Banking: The Bank devised the following for Priority, SME &...

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