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Demonstrative Communication And Nonverbal Body Language

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Running Head: Communication

Demonstrative Communication and Nonverbal Body Language
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University of Phoenix
Monday, October 10, 2011

Demonstrative Communication and Nonverbal Body Language
Parents teach their children to speak so communicating their needs is not difficult. As the children grow into their teenage years, the nonverbal cues they learn are through trial and error. As those teenagers grow into adulthood learning to master the art of verbal and nonverbal cues is a chore. Today people communicate with much more than words. In fact, research shows that the majority of communication is nonverbal (Nonverbal Communication and Body Language, 2011). Demonstrative ...view middle of the document...

An example of effective communication is active listening.
Active listening allows people to increase their understanding of another person's thoughts and feelings. To demonstrate this communication skill, people show that they are listening by focusing intently on the person speaking, the nodding of the head, and making verbal indications of agreement such as "uh-huh." Do not interrupt when someone else is speaking; this can disturb the flow of conversation and may cause a power struggle (White, 2010).
When people stop communicating effectively the message intended for delivery can go wrong in the conversation. An example of an ineffective communication is judgment. When a person comes across judgmental, other people may think he or she is doing it to gain rapport or take a side, but that action can backfire and may alienate the speaker by showing lack of self-respect (Hogan, 2000). When a person is negative the receiver will pull away and that will prevent them from listening so remaining positive goes a long way in ensuring an effective exchange of views and opinions (Positive Communication Techniques, n.d.).
Positive and negative.
Demonstrative communication can be either positive or negative for the sender and receiver, depending on the message conveyed between the individuals. Listening attentively, for example, is one of most vital components to engage in positive communication (Positive Communication Techniques, n.d.). Listening sets the base for good communication. When people listen attentively and the speaker is positive and engaging, that is how perfect communication takes place. Negative communication techniques are a lack of eye contact, sullen facial expressions, or the use of an inappropriate tone when speaking.
Listening and responding.
To communicate effectively people have to hear what others are saying. When engaged in a conversation, actively listening to the person speak opposed to interrupting is an effective display of communicating. Listening takes a conscious effort by the receiver and concerning improving our communication skill, there is no substitute for paying attention.
What is important for the speaker? Knowing the listener is listening and the message intended for delivery is...

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