Demonstrative Communication Essay

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Demonstrative Communication

BCOM 275 Business Communications and Critical Thinking
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Demonstrative Communication
Communication is an essential part of our existence. People communicate through verbal
or nonverbal form. The ability to communicate allow us to established a relationship as both
sender and receiver shared a common understanding of information among family, peers,
subordinates, associates, and so forth. Part of communication interactions is the used of
demonstrative communication, the process of sending and receiving messages that include verbal
and nonverbal form. Nonverbal ...view middle of the document...

Maintaining eye contact to our culture is a form
respect and listening between the individuals involved. Nonverbal can interpret the opposite
meaning of the conveyed message. Facial expression and eye contact may convey a lack of



sincerity or truthful meaning when apology is offer. Thereby, lessening the sender’s integrity
and respect. Effective communication is the basis for building relationship, managing conflict,
and establishing rapport with other people. It is vital to decode nonverbal signals accurately. By
becoming aware of demonstrative communication, people become better communicators when
exchanging messages with others (Gentry & Kuhnert, 2007).
The interaction between the sender and receiver could have a positive and negative effect.
College professor used solely to rely and concentrate on their teaching behind a podium with no
demonstrative communication involved. Lectures tend to be tedious and boring rendering
learning ineffective to most students. The establishment of advanced linguistic science and
teaching methods, educators had become aware of the effectiveness of demonstrative
communication. Students cognitive ability and learning improved as the teaching became more
lively and interactive (Huang, 2011). Incorporating demonstrative action increase positive
arousal and attention leading to greater learning and motivation. Thus, exhibiting more response
inside a classroom. Educators often desired responsiveness from students inside a classroom.
Students raising their hands, asking or answering questions, maintaining eye contact, and writing
notes exhibit positive impression on educators. The students’ nonverbal responsiveness act as an
important indicator of the educator’s impression, beliefs, and expressions. The students’
demonstrative expressions are an affirmation and confirmation of their educators’ efficiency and
performance inside the classroom (Malachowski & Martin, 2011). Demonstrative
communication affects communication process through body languages and signals. It may send
deceptive signal without subconsciously aware of it. For example staring down or not making
contact during a communication process may bring a negative feedback of disinterested or



submissiveness. The reality of the matter an individual has a reserved personality or suffering
from inferiority complex.
Demonstrative Communication involves listening and responding. Listening involve not
just hearing what was said, but actively...

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