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Demonstrated High Levels Essay

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ConvaTec Moldable Technology™
Skin Barriers

Case Studies

Proven safety and effectiveness for use with
colostomies, ileostomies and urostomies1

ConvaTec Moldable Technology™ Skin Barriers
and Your Practice
Rationale for Using ConvaTec
Moldable Technology™ Skin Barriers
1. Ease of teaching patients/transitioning to independence
2. Eliminates complications from incorrect flange sizing/preparation
3. Ease of teaching staff how to use product and care for patients
4. Positive change in nursing staff’s attitude due to ease of use/simplicity of application
5. Minimizes need for accessories (such as paste)
6. Works well in the presence of complications (ie, stomal prolapse)

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No scissors are required—just fingers
ƒƒ onvaTec Moldable Technology™ skin barriers allow a
custom fit around the stoma and therefore help protect
peristomal skin from effluent
ƒƒ Fits a wide variety of stoma shapes and sizes
Clinicians: Jana Hyklová, Hospital in Most, Czech Republic

My stoma cabinet
in the hospital

Case tudy #3:
Challenges Faced by a New Patient
with a Stoma
Clinical Challenge
ƒƒ 66-year-old male
ƒƒ Surgery was a low anterior resection
ƒƒ Temporary ileostomy
ƒƒ atient was very nervous about having to care for his stoma after surgery
ƒƒ anted to make a balanced decision on which system
to choose

ƒƒ Patient was well informed before the surgery
ƒƒ Choice was made together with the patient
ƒƒ atient chose ConvaTec Moldable Technology™ skin barriers based on ease of
use and protection against skin irritation

ƒƒ atient started using ConvaTec Moldable Technology™
Stomahesive® skin barriers immediately post-op
ƒƒ onvaTec Moldable Technology™ Stomahesive®
skin barrier fits very well around the stoma
ƒƒ Even after several days the skin is still well protected
ƒƒ Patient experienced good skin protection over time

Clinician: Marleen Richards, ET Nurse, Flevo Zienhuis, Almere, Netherlands

Case tudy #4:
Adapting to Changing Stoma & Effect
on Lifestyle
Clinical Challenge
ƒƒ 15-year-old boy diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2005
ƒƒ Had major lifestyle compromise and school absence
ƒƒ In November 2007 required a total colectomy and ileostomy
ƒƒ rialed three two-piece systems and three one-piece systems each resulting
in a problem
ƒƒ atient had sore skin and leakage due to changing size
and shape of stoma
ƒƒ Was reluctant to leave house or go to school



ƒƒ atient tried a ConvaTec Moldable Technology™ skin
barrier as he was planning to restart school

ƒƒ atient quote…“I love it. It’s positively leakproof and easy
to use. The best I have tried. Please can I get more?”
ƒƒ atient is back at school, out with friends and has recently
started a part-time job
ƒƒ He no longer worries about his stoma
ƒƒ He’s getting on with his life for the first time in three years
Clinician: hristeen Smith RGN RSCN, Stoma Care Nurse Specialist
Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh, Scotland


Case tudy #5:
ost-Op Ileostomy Patient
Clinical Challenge
ƒƒ Patient is very young and likes to try new innovative products
ƒƒ Photo was taken immediately after ileostomy surgery
ƒƒ atient was a good candidate for a ConvaTec Moldable
Technology™ skin barrier

Flange molding


ƒƒ kin barrier was applied immediately after removal of the bandage
ƒƒ atient found the molding to be very easy and found the
hydrocolloid collar to be very comfortable
ƒƒ atient was very satisfied with the ConvaTec Moldable
Technology™ skin...

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