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Employment, income, and the accumulation of wealth are critical for quality of life. Substantial racial disparities in key economic indicators and predictors of life quality continue to be a serious problem for the Pittsburgh area and the nation. This section summarizes recent data on: • • • • • • Homeownership Unemployment Occupations Income Poverty Transportation

Pittsburgh’s Racial Demographics: Differences And Disparities


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Section 4. Economic Disparities
HomeownersHip Homeownership is an essential part of the “American Dream”. Homeownership provides many benefits to families, children, and communities. ...view middle of the document...

Economic Disparities
Unemployment Employment typically provides income, health and retirement benefits, and a sense of stability, satisfaction, and purpose. A lack of employment can result in serious financial, physical, and mental strain on individuals, families, and communities. Unemployment rates show the extent to which adults who are seeking work are not able to find it. In the Pittsburgh region and in the nation as a whole there are striking racial disparities in rates of unemployment.
Figure 4.2. Unemployment Rates for Men Age 16 and Over by Race and Ethnicity, 2000 20 17 16 16 15 15 15 12

11 10 8 5 5 8 8 8

7 5



0 Pittsburgh City Allegheny County Pittsburgh MSA United States

Source: Appendix 4.2

African American



• Within each of the racial/ethnic groups, male unemployment rates are higher in the city of
Pittsburgh than in the county, the MSA, and the nation.

• In the city of Pittsburgh, African American, Asian, and Hispanic men are twice as likely as
White men to be unemployed.

• African American men have higher unemployment rates than men in the other major racial
and ethnic groups. In fact, in the Pittsburgh area and the nation the African American male unemployment rate is two to three times the White male unemployment rate.

Pittsburgh’s Racial Demographics: Differences And Disparities


© 2007 University of Pittsburgh

Section 4. Economic Disparities
Unemployment continued
Figure 4.3. Unemployment Rates for Women Age 16 and Over by Race and Ethnicity, 2000 20 17 14 13 11


13 11 9 11

10 8

10 8





5 4

0 Pittsburgh City Allegheny County White
Source: Appendix 4.3

Pittsburgh MSA Asian Hispanic

United States

African American

• Unemployment rates for White, African American, and Asian women are higher in the city of
Pittsburgh than in the county, MSA, or nation.

• Across the four geographic areas, White female unemployment rates are lower than those of
other women. African American and Asian women have higher unemployment rates than White and Hispanic women in the city, county and the Pittsburgh MSA. In fact, African American female unemployment rates are often more than twice White female rates.

• Unlike the rates for women in the other racial groups, unemployment rates for Hispanic women
in the Pittsburgh region are below the national average.

Pittsburgh’s Racial Demographics: Differences And Disparities


© 2007 University of Pittsburgh

Section 4. Economic Disparities
occUpations The occupations of employed workers affect the quality of their jobs, particularly wages, salary, and fringe benefits. Most Americans are employed in five categories: management/professional, service, sales/office, construction/maintenance, and production/transportation. In general, management and professional positions offer higher salaries, better benefits, less physically strenuous...

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