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Demographic Malaysia Essay

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The demographics of Malaysia are represented by the multiple ethnic groups that exist in this country.  Of these, 5.72 million Malaysians live in East Malaysia and 22.5 million live in Peninsular Malaysia. The Malaysian population continues to grow at a rate of 2.4% per annum. According to latest 2010 census, among the three largest Malaysian groups Malays and Bumiputera fertility rates are at 2.8 children per woman, , Indians 2.0 children per woman,and Chinese 1.8 children per woman. Malay fertility rates are 56% higher than Malaysian Chinese and 40% higher than Malaysian Indians and In 2010, the Malays and Bumiputeras were 60.3%, Indians 7.1% and the Chinese 24.6%, of the total population. The ...view middle of the document...

27 sq mi).
Why we don’t choose another country ?For example, Singapore , The current population of Singapore is 5,693,732 as of Wednesday, June 22, 2016, based on the latest United Nations estimates.Singapore population is equivalent to 0.08% of the total world population.Singapore ranks number 113 in the list of countries by population.The population density in Singapore is 8138 per Km2 (21,077 people per mi2).The total land area is 700 Km2 (270 sq. miles)100.3 % of the population is urban (5,717,082 people in 2016)The median age in Singapore is 40.5 years.
The current population of Malaysia is 30,739,565 as of Wednesday, June 22, 2016, based on the latest United Nations estimates.Malaysia population is equivalent to 0.41% of the total world population.Malaysia ranks number 44 in the list of countries by population.The population density in Malaysia is 94 per Km2 (242 people per mi2).The total land area is 328,543 Km2 (126,851 sq. miles)75.5 % of the population is urban (23,444,458 people in 2016)The median age in Malaysia is 28.9 years.
Conclusion,DEMOGRAPHIC is important for business . So, We need to choose the most suitable country for our business .

Pupulation Malaysia

Pupulation Singapore

Malaysia Population Projections
Year | Population | % Male | % Female |
2020 | 32,374,474 | 49.5% | 50.5% |
2025 | 34,333,554 | 49.4% | 50.6% |
2030 | 36,106,568 | 49.3% | 50.7% |
2035 | 37,617,559 | 49.3% | 50.7% |
2040 | 38,852,928 | 49.3% | 50.7% |
2045 | 39,861,806 | 49.3% | 50.7% |
2050 | 40,724,698 | 49.3% | 50.7% |
2055 | 41,447,994 | 49.4% | 50.6% |
2060 | 41,995,417 | 49.4% | 50.6% |
2065 | 42,324,926 | 49.5% | 50.5% |

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