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Demographic Factors Research Essay

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PAGE 1 Diversity Factors
Running head: DIVERSITY FACTORSDemographic Factors ResearchDemographic Factors ResearchOrganizations and society face cultural and gender changes each day; in order to meet the needs for the people in the groups being affected; many factors have significant influence when determining how the different cultures interact with one another in society or work functions. Understanding how different cultures and societies interact with one another will determine one's personal growth and organizational strengths when constructing programs for each gender, age group, ethnic and religious, and health denominators. Each society interfaces with others professionally or ...view middle of the document...

170).Athenic affluence of male dominated leadership in American exists; however the infiltration of women in the labor workforce gave birth to a sex-gender revolution provoked by the feminist movement, establishing "gender as a constitutive base for social organization" (Kottak & Kozaitis, 2003, p. 173).In America, female leadership has changed the "social construction of sexual orientation" in 21st century management planning, organizational conflict and resolve, and how organizations motivate and reward (Kottak & Kozaitis, 2003, p. 170).According to Celestin, "women educators in general," and specifically, African American women are not aligned on the career path for superintendence. Historically, men dominate leadership in education. Successful athletic coaches and band directors embodied strength associated with leadership, and were recruited from middle and high school ranks for superintendence posts. To their advantage, men use professional socialization and public notoriety in their career path for superintendence. The men's strategy for superintendence focused on line positions, rather than staff positions. The "staff positions were defined as elementary principals, specialists and coordinators, while line positions were secondary principals, and assistant superintendent positions" (Celestin, 2003, p. 6). In addition, male dominated communication patterns excluded women from inclusion, and required interpretation by a male supporter (Celestin, 2003).Upon understanding the management planning process, African American women aspiring for superintendence then aligned "internships, networking and mentoring" as their means for professional socialization in the Midwest (Celestin, 2003). To overcome the "double barriers, race and sex;" conflict resolutions goals embodied three principles, "(a) reactive, (b) interactive, and (c) active" (Celestin, 2003, p. 6). Collectively, these three principles required more than distant training, but hands-on experience proved to motivate and reward (Celestin, 2003).According to Celestin, African American women striving to become superintendents in the Midwest first required understanding of the male dominated management structure. The women established a counter program to intern, network and mentor perspective female candidates for the post of superintendence (Celestin, 2003). The "social phenomenon," and representation of women in the male dominated field of superintendence, changed the "social construction of sexual orientation" in education (Kottak & Kozaitis, 2003, p. 170).History of Women in Politics and Economic Development in America - Alicia G. JiménezIn America, women's suffrage took about 100 years to have the result it sought: equal rights. In 1918, President Woodrow Wilson gave the women's movement a significant thrust when he stated: "We have made partners of the women in this war [WWI]. Shall we admit them only to a partnership of suffering and sacrifice and toil and not to...

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