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Demographic Essay

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What is Demography?
Demography is the scientific study of human population, including its size, distribution, composition, and the factors that determine changes in its size, distribution, and composition.

Objects: Dynamic VS Static

Demographic Focuses
1. Size: the number of population in a given areas at a given time.
2. Distribution: population dispersion in geographic space at a given time.
3. Composition: the number of person in sex, age, and other “demographic” categories.
4. Population dynamics: birth, death, and migration.
5. Socioeconomic determinants and consequences of population change --- Population Study.

Population Characteristics
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What Demographers do?
 The most fundamental work for demographers is to describe changes in population size, distribution, and composition as a guide for decision making.
 This is done by obtaining counts of persons from, for example, censuses, the files of continuous population registers, administrative records, or sample surveys.
 Counts of births and deaths can be obtained from vital registration systems or from continuous population registers. Similarly, immigration and emigration data can be obtained from immigration registration systems.
 As is true in many other scientific fields, demographers make use of these patterns in studying population trends, developing theories of population change, and analyzing the causes and consequences of population trends.
 Various demographic measures such as ratios, percentages, rates, and averages may be derived from them.

Scopes of Demographic Analysis
 Demographic analysis mostly concerns quantitative approach of demography, and techniques of demographic analysis deals with methods of demographic or population analysis.
 There are two parts of quantitative analysis in demography: the description of demographic variables and their relationships and the inference of the variables and the relationships from sample to population.
 When you study population policy, you have to know population data and the meaning of the data shown, so that you can understand why we should have such a population policy and why a policy should be changed.

Demographic Perspectives
 Bring into play essentially demographic phenomena, such as population size, change in population numbers, numbers of births, deaths, and migration, and age, sex, race composition;
 Apply essentially demographic methods or tools, such as sex ratios, birth rates, probabilities of dying, and interstate migration rates, and their elaboration in the form of model tables, such as life tables, multi-state tables, and model tables of fertility and marriage
 Seek to measure and analyze how these demographic phenomena related to one another and change over time, such as by cohort analysis or by analyzing the age-period-cohort interaction; and
 Construct broad theories as to the historical linkage or sequence of demographic phenomena, such as the theory of the demographic transition or theories accounting for internal migration flows.

What is Population Policy?
 Population policy can be defined as deliberately constructed or modified institutional arrangements and/or specific programs through which governments influence, directly or indirectly, demographic change. It is divided into two levels --- narrowly and broadly.

 The aim of population policy may be narrowly recognized as bringing about quantitative changes in the membership of the territorially circumscribed population under the government’s jurisdiction.
 Additions to membership are effected only through births and...

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