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Democracy And Development Essay

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Democracy and Development
Democracy and Development

By: Sanders (SB) Collins

Week 2 First Essay Assignment

Professor: Don Anderson

Strayer University

SOC 300 The Challenge of Third World Development

July 12, 2013

By discussing the relationship between democracy and economic development in this assignment we will attempt to compare the ways Howard Handleman, Ronald Inglehart and Christian Welzel all define the prerequisites argued or implied that are necessary for a working democracy. Is the emphasis centered on economics, cultural values, political values, or a combination of all three?
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Welzel along with Ingelhart are the co-authors of How Development Leads to Democracy, What We Know about Modernization (Article 2 of Annual Editions Developing World 11/12). In their article, the authors discuss the economic fundamentals that are the result of new democracies coming about in the developing world around us. “They contend that the formation of such democracies is not based solely on an expressed desire for that form of government, but that democracies are born as a result of the admixture of certain social and cultural factors. According to the authors the ideal social and cultural conditions for the foundation of a democracy are born of significant modernization and economic development that result in mass political participation”. How Development Leads to Democracy (
While each author demonstrates his own ideas in each of the articles I see the relationship connected to all three areas of economic values, cultural values and political institutions. Economic values are a result of what people want or prefer for themselves. In authoritarian regimes the government decides what is best for the people versus in a democratic society people are the ones deciding for themselves. What a person is willing to give up, trade or pay measures the value of the product or service and helps form the decision of the worth of the product or service to individual.

Cultural values are ideas about what is good, right, fair, and just. This can be determined by many factors and is hugely debatable in many conversations and writings. Family, genealogy, traditions, and even one’s own environment are but...

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