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Democracy Essay

1143 words - 5 pages

America Transformed
University Of Phoenix
Katherine Mendez, Valentine Rodriguez, Lorita Jania
Dr. Bernnell Peltier
January 19, 2011

American underwent many changes some were beneficial to society and some were unfair. When changes are made for the better of the people it is an up lifting movement, to educated, learn farming trades, vote, and build a more civilized society was a big transition in America. However these transitions were not so easily adjusted they came about through laws, bills and by forming political parties. A growth and expansion was implemented in the new world to help the people become more self sufficient and to establish financial ...view middle of the document...

) The farming community was admired because everyone in that community was a farmer. Private land ownership and the shipping of those goods fueled capitalism. Farmers and plantation owners looked to find new markets within the US.
The birth of industrialization began in Great Britain at the end of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries (Brinkley, 2007.) The invention and use of power-driven equipment to manufacture and produce goods dramatically changed the economy and development of the United States and the world. From the building of the first spinning mill to the steam engine during the late eighteenth century, America was changing economically and socially. The invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney in 1793 transformed the already prevalent cotton industry and the economy of the Southern United States. The cotton gin invention marked the beginning of machines improving manual labor. Cotton was a desired good but required a significant amount of man power to generate little usable good. The cotton gin gave the ability to produce more usable product. The invention influenced the growth of the textile industry in England and eventually in the United States in 1820-1830s. The easy production of cotton also led to more cotton plantations which led for an increase need of slave labor. Some historians have argued that the cotton gin led to the increase of slavery in the South (Phillips, 2010.)
America also began to change socially during the industrial revolution. More people were moving into the urban areas to work in the factories creating urban societies. The regional specialization of the United States was being divided; manufacturing and production in the northern states and agriculture with farms and crops the southern states. The growth of new communities and thus social reform began to take shape as industrialization grew in the U.S.
American expansionism began in the early eighteen hundreds shortly after the election of
Thomas Jefferson. During his first term he sought to gain full access to the Mississippi River and
expand settlement into the west. Jefferson’s desire to expand started with the Louisiana
Purchase in 1803. Thomas Jefferson purchase of Louisiana not only doubled the size of
America, it set a precedent for the purchase of new territories, and opened the way for
Future expansion of the United States across the continent to the Pacific. American
Expansionism played a significant role in shaping the United States foreign relations
during 1780 to 1850 because it was the...

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