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Demo Communication Essay

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Demonstrative Communication Paper

Antoine Moore


Symone Starr-Parker

Demonstration Communication Paper

Communication is something that we use every day. But what is communication? Communication is a form of passing information from one person to the next and one place to another by acknowledging the senders intent. Comprehending the message, and acting upon it to create a shared understanding. We communicate sometime without even knowing it. There are different forms of communication. There is no verbal, verbal, and non-written communication. We communicate by the tone of our voice, our body language, facial expressions, and so forth.
Communication starts with the person who is going to send the message. In order to ensure that their message is received the ...view middle of the document...

If you happen to use a video to transmit your message make sure that the video is clear, the words that you say don’t not break up and you sound sincere and confident when speaking, looking into the lens as you speak.
Non-Verbal Communication
You can communicate by using your body through eye contact, gestures, or facial expression. That’s where that old saying comes from. Action speak louder than words. If you are not careful, problems can arise if you do not pay attention to the nonverbal signals you send as you are communicating with others. When you are arguing with someone and they step to close, when you step back you are communicating that the person has got to close and invaded your space. The way a person dresses, puts on makeup, or wears their hair is a form of communication. While you might choose something for conservative and business like for an interview you might choose something more comfortable to hang around the house in.

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