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Demand Versus Supply Essay

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Simone Pauline
HCS/552 Health Care Economics
July 09, 2012
Amy Stoles

The United States has a great consumer demand for health care services. The supply of these services or products, such as new medications or medical equipment, is affected by many factors. Factors such as the situation of a financial aspect, patient education and the quality of the services or products being distributed.

Care of the Dying

“Hospice care is palliative care given to individuals who are terminally ill, with an expected survival of six months or less. The focus of hospice care is on meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the dying individual, while fostering the highest ...view middle of the document...

Medicare will pay for the services rendered by the patient. Many of the people, who are dying from different illness, die in pain and suffer because they did not know that they had such a program that will not only ease their pain but will also take some of the financial burden from them.
Many of the individuals who are Medicare and Medicaid do not realize that the Hospice service needed is paid for. According to Hospice Care in Medicare, Recent Trends and a Review of the Issues (2004), "Its use has grown considerably in the last several years with matched increases in Medicare spending.”
With the way that our economy is, no one individual feels as if they can afford such a great program. What the problem is that there is not enough education about the program. Many people do not even have a clue that it is okay to expire but that there are ways to help ease how they go.
With that being said, everyone’s situation is so different and a personalized care plan is mad and it is always tailored to the loved one’s specific needs. Now does the way that the insurance pays for this service: yes and no. With the way that hospice works, it is based on fixed daily rates and it is related to case mix, the length of hospice and of course the enrollment care settings. Most of all the demographics of where the person lives are very important.
Demographics play a key role in how the services are used. Often times the reason why the service is not available is because the service is not available. It is almost like cell phone service. Many places just do not get service. So if you have a person who lives in an area where it is not easily accessible then to receive services is not on the game plan.
To be honest it is not fair that because an individual lives in remote area that they cannot receive services. As well if they work their whole life and has paid into their retirement and would hope that if they became ill to the point where they have the insurance and a way to help pay for their final days.
Hospice is a hidden service that is needed. That is only because not many know about the service and if they knew about it they think that they would have to pay for it. This is not the case. On June 29 2012 I had the pleasure of working with a family who had a family member who was dying of cancer. I was...

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