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Delusion Of God Essay

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Delusion of God
When in the 21st century where technological development and scientific progression are the flavour of the times, God is a delusion still idolized by many. Originating from the beliefs held so rigidly by our forefathers, such ideologies were passed down from generation to generation, so much so that, a few of these beliefs actually started traumatising the minds of a large number of people.
What I believe is that, a lot of times belief in God is due to lack of understanding over a wide range of issues, keeping the intricacies of the subjectivity aside. The moment a theory or idea could not have a plausible or justifiable explanation, the easier way was to reckon it as a hand of the Almighty. It is essential ...view middle of the document...

It’s a rare gift to feel reverence for your life and to want the best, the greatest, the highest possible, here, now, for your very own salvation. To imagine a heaven and then not to dream of it but to demand it, is a rare gift only human beings can posses in this whole universe.
These days immense amount of time and money is wasted on just the decorations of the figurines of mere stone in the hope that by doing what is being done, a miracle would consecrate their lives and make it all the more worthwhile living. However, what people always tend to forget is that miracles just don’t come to pass. You have to be the miracle. Going down memory lane, we can come to find that the mass destruction witnessed during the World Wars of the 20th century had absolutely no ‘hand of God’ during its entire progression. People were brutally assaulted, entire cities were wiped out from the global map but ‘God’ did not exhibit any of his acclaimed miraculous powers. The killing of so many innocent people could never have been for the betterment of mankind.
Faith is essentially the driving force and the inspiration in the orchestration on the wheel of time. In a generation where atheism and agnosticism may be rapidly becoming the credentia of the bulk of the youth and with the ever increasing number of discoveries and inventions, belief in God is slowly transpiring from a delusion to an illusion. There may always be a set of people who would always believe in God due to a rigidly held set of ideologies from which they may not want to deviate and even more so, because it keeps them going. In the meantime, modernists can still go on unlocking the explanation of those answers that have been amalgamated as ‘God’.

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