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Delta Company Case Analysis

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RaeShawn Davis
Sales Force mang
Dr. Jackson

“Delta Products Company”

It always seems as if the American economy has always been in a deficit, and has caused a lot of drawbacks and budget cuts in the work industry. Even today we suffer from the hole we have put ourselves in economically. In this case Tom Shilling the marketing manager of the Delta Products Company which sales microelectronic devices to other companies for there needs; is to decide rather or not he should take on new sales representative Brian Snowcroft an Arizona state graduate with a degree in electrical engineering or taking the offer of Jim Reynolds and Christina Alverez two ...view middle of the document...

Later he decided to make an offer to his old colleague Brian Snowcroft whom he had worked with at Hughes aircraft in which Snowcroft wouldn’t have to relocate to California but work from home in Arizona. While reviewing Jim Reynolds and Christina Alverez’s proposal of working for his company on commission only which would be 5% in the states of California, Arizona, and Nevada. They also proposed not to work for any other companies that would cause a conflict of interest. After hearing this Shilling told them that he would have to consult with his boss Mr. Gross the President of Delta Products, and that he would get back with them. After being laid off Snowcroft contacted Shilling While he was reviewing Reynolds and Alverez’s proposal; and told him that he would accept his offer but he couldn’t accept any thing under $65,000 since he was used to making $85,000 a year and had two kids in college and needed it to stay afloat. Shilling explained to him the company’s deficit and told him that he would get back to him in a week. Shilling was then faced with if he should just hire an engineer straight out of college and pay him $25,000 a year because this could save the company money.
If this problem is not resolved this could affect the company as a whole starting with the sales department and potentially end with the company losing customers as well their business. Resolving this problem in the correct way...

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