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Delta Attempts To Boost Productivity Essay

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Group Assignment 1
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Address the “human side” systematically. Any significant transformation creates “people issues.” New leaders will be asked to step up, jobs will be changed, new skills and capabilities must be developed, and employees will be uncertain and resistant. Firms that are able to adapt well to new demands normally become successful.(Due to reduced maintenance, some workers may lose their jobs ).Please suggest some points on this.
Managers must have considered the benefits of Engineered-plastic cooling towers as they were:
* Dependable-Less shutdowns, non-corroding in industries that uses vast amounts of harsh chemicals and cleaning materials.
* Had minimal maintenance
Because of the above reasons, engineered plastic cooling Towers were considered.

(ii) Planning Aspect

An element of planning in this case is as a result of the following reasons;
* The need to start manufacturing Engineered-Plastic Cooling towers at Delta.
* The process to have their sizes increased and
* To make it ideal for high capacity
Therefore the need for the above mentioned definitely required comprehensive plans that managers responsible for the logistics and the decision processes facilitated.

(iii) Cost Minimization

This is the process or goal of incurring the least possible opportunity cost in the pursuit of a given activity. It is discussed to the benefit of the buyer. Cost minimization is comparable to other objectives, including utility maximization and profit maximization.
To ensure continuous, more economical operation, engineered plastic were seen to reduce the expected and untoward consequences of operating a cooling tower, which include
* Electric power usage
* Water-treatment chemicals
* Labor and materials for maintenance and
* Unscheduled process downtime for cooling repairs

Engineered plastic cooling towers are therefore are observed to;
* Operate at higher cycles of concentration leading to operational savings
* Direct drive motors are employed to power the cooling fans, no pulleys, bearings and belts ensuring efficiency and providing substantial savings on energy costs while delivering more horsepower.
* Labor intensive jobs such as removal of rust, routing application of coatings and re-gasketing are eliminated.
Managers as the decision makers are opting for the plastic cooling towers in light of new developments highlighted above.

(iv) Competition

Competition is the driving force of excellence.
Competition here has been discussed focusing on enhancing product offering as the way forward.
Apart from the unique product features of the Engineered Plastic cooling Tower, it is highlighted that they are competitive in price, of high quality since they are efficient and also not affected by environmental conditions.
Managers must have had two or three questions here in regard to competitor analysis. One of which is how is their product different t? And secondly how is it the same?...

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