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Delta Air Lines Essay

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The purpose of this project is to review a fortune 500 company in the service industry and discuss their main line of business. Delta Air Lines is a very well known airline that flies passengers and their luggage to various destinations. In addition to discussing Delta Air Line’s main line of business, how the company implement’s the 4p’s of marketing will also be discussed in this project.

Delta Air Lines
When individuals think of fortune 500 companies Apple, Microsoft and the United States Parcel Services are amongst the first to come to mind. Fortune 500 companies are companies that are ranked annually by Fortune magazine and are the 500 largest companies in the United ...view middle of the document...

By 1987 Delta Air Service acquired an additional airline, Western Airlines, furthermore an alliance with TWA and Northwest Airlines so that a computer reservation service could then be created and implemented. After much competition in the late 1990’s Delta formed their own international alliance which collaborated them with Air France, Aero Mexico and Korean Airlines which they named Sky Team.
Delta Airlines offers services to 356 destinations in 65 countries. In 2010 Delta operated a fleet of 815 aircrafts of which 591 were owned by Delta Airlines which left the remaining 224 to be leased. Delta operates within three units in which they generate revenue, passenger, cargo and other by offering their customers over 13,000 daily flights. Based on revenue, Delta Cargo is one of the largest cargo carriers amongst various U.S. passenger airlines and is also a member of Sky Team Cargo which is the world’s largest global airline cargo association. The Sky Team Cargo coalition offers cargo customers a consistent international product line.
Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Delta Airlines provides services to over 160 million customers worldwide each year and employs more than 80,000 individuals. Services of the airline includes Sky Miles frequent flier program which is typically a loyalty program, The Business Elite service in addition, Delta has more than 50 Delta Sky Clubs (Corporate Information, 2012). While serving so many individuals, Delta is investing over $2Billion through 2013 in airport facilities, global products and technology that will enhance customer’s experience on the ground as well as in the air. With, individuals can perform various functions including; check bags, review flight status, check in for flights and customers can print their boarding passes (Stats & Facts, 2012).
Delta operates in numerous countries such as France, China, Canada, Japan, Bahamas, Brazil and Greece. Delta Airlines has hubs in numerous places such as Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Detroit, Memphis, Tokyo, Paris-Charles de Gaulle and New York-JFK. In 2012, Delta Airlines and New York-La Guardia Airport expanded to create a new domestic hub for business travelers and in 2011 Delta was awarded an approval to create a joint business enterprise with Virgin Australia which gives customers traveling between the U.S. and Australia more options. There are nearly 25 day departures to 22 nonstop destinations from Paris-Charles de Gaulle International Airport which includes 5 of Delta Airlines hubs and other U.S. gateways including San Francisco, Chicago, Pittsburg and Boston. With a huge expansion, there are more destinations with Delta Air Lines and Delta Connection that offers 340 destinations, 61 countries and six continents. Delta also offers 25 peak day departures to 21 nonstop destinations throughout the Pacific and nine Asian destinations via the Delta Airline hub in Tokyo (In-Flight products, 2012).
The 4p’s of marketing...

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