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Delprøve Essay

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Besvar opgaverne i A-D
1. He had travelled a lot as young man, but that was a long time ago.

He had travelled a lot as a young man, but that was a long time ago.
Regel: Der skal være et ”a” foran young man, for at understrege at det er et navneord.

2. Last year he spend three months on a ranch in Texas working as a cattle herder.
Last year he spent three months on a ranch in Texas working as a cattle herder.
Spend med “d” er når det er infinitiv.
Spent med ”t” er når det er datid, hvilket denne sætning er.

3. The audience is reminded of that smoking is not allowed during the show.
The audience is reminded that smoking is not allowed during the show.

4. If I continued reading at ...view middle of the document...

On the bus a completely stranger sat down next to me and started talking about his daughter.
In the bus a completely stranger sat down next to me and started talking about his daughter.

7. However much you do, will there always be some loose ends to tie.
However much you do, there will always be some loose ends to tie.

Now she was gone for good. She needed to be buried, Henry thought. The traditional Chinese way with food offerings, longevity, blankets and prayer ceremonies lasting several days. Despite Marty’s fit about cremating her, he was so modern. He’d been seeing a counselor and dealing with his mother’s death through an online support group, whatever that was. Going online sounded like talking to no one, which Henry had some firsthand experience in. In real life it was lonely, almost as lonely as the cemetery, where he’d buried Ethel. She now had a gorgeous view of Lake Washington and was interred with Seattle’s other Chinese notables like Bruce Lee and his own son Brandon.

“Saturday” is a very clever book. This is what the reviewer wrote in the newspaper about Ian McEwan’s novel, which was published a couple of years ago in England. You can call this a well-chosen description, not only is the book extremely intelligent, it also shows the reader what is actually going on inside our brain. The main-character in the novel is a doctor. His wife is a lawyer. The daughter, Daisy, writes poems and the son Theo, is about to develop into an extremely talented musician. The book describes a sympathic English middle class family about the turn of the millennium.

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